Youtube Exercise Channels to Follow

Youtube exercise channels should be ALL the rage.  I have been exercising at home for years. I used to walk on a treadmill or work out with DVD's, but I finally transitioned over subscribing to the free Youtube exercise channels and I've never looked back. It's so convenient to pull up one of my favorite workout channels and to find a video based on my mood, goals and time.


Youtube exercise channels


Today I'm sharing my top four favorite channels that I keep going back to time and time again. I'll share the pros and cons of each channel so that you can make the most of your workout time. I also shared my favorite Youtube exercise channels to encourage healthy active kids if you want to check it out.


4 Youtube Exercise Channels to Follow


Cardio Youtube Exercise Channels that Increase Cardiovascular Health and Improve Overall Health

Leslie Sansone's Walk at Home

This channel is what eased me into transitioning to using Youtube Exercsie Channels full time. You learn 4 basic steps and measure everything in miles. It's a great beginning program for anyone who is looking to start an exercise routine. I used it after giving birth to my 3 youngest kids and it was a great way for me to transition into a regular exercise routine again.



  • The steps are simple to learn
  • No matter what your fitness level, there is something you can do!
  • There are various workout videos so you can do anything ranging from 1 to 5 miles depending on the amount of time you have.
  • There are different "Walk Leaders" so it's nice for variety.
  • There are some HIIT videos. They were my first introduction to HIIT.
  • Some of the videos that use hand weights or stretch bands.
  • The messages of this channel are positive and motivating to help you do SOMETHING to improve your health.
  • All the workouts can be modified or taken up a notch if you are looking for a different intensity. They usually show two versions of what the exercise can look like.


Cons ( I use this term loosely because, Hey it's a FREE exercise program. It might be more accurate to write out "The reasons I don't ONLY use this exercise channel)

  • There isn't a really defined warm up or cool down, so you will have to find another video for that or just do something on your own.
  • I would say that this channel focuses on a beginning to intermediate level, so if you are looking to increase your fitness beyond that, you need to find another channel.
  • If you have done the workouts for as many years as I have, there just comes a point where you need a different challenge!! 


Lucy Wyndham-Read

Her videos are set up so that she shows you the sequence and then you might repeat it a few times as she talks over the video to tell you what is coming. Her words are inspiring and a great reminder that each of us is in control of our own life.



  • There are lots of HIIT workouts
  • There are several 7 day challenges where you can take a measurement at the beginning and one at the end and SEE results. Sometimes the measurement is for your body and sometimes it's as simple as timing yourself or a test of endurance.
  • She has a wide variety of exercise videos
  • A wide selection of video lengths. I love that because as a busy mom I never know how much time I'll have. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the 4 minute videos. No excuse not to squeeze in some exercise!
  • I have had the BEST results from these videos. She really knows her stuff as a personal trainer with over 25 years of experience.
  • Along with the multi-muscle moves she shares inspiring thoughts that help me to feel uplifted and empowered when I am finished working out.
  • Lucy shares tips for healthy living and emphasizes health over a specific size or number. Love that.
  • She has a few virtual walking tours where you can see London, France or the English countryside. It's really fun to see another part of the world as I exercise in my own living room.


Cons (aka Why I don't exclusively exercise with this channel)

  • There is no music so you either turn down her voice and put your own music on or exercise without music!
  • Warm ups involve marching on the spot for up to a minute and then you jump right into the exercises.
  • Cool downs are all the same video clip and really short.


Yoga Youtube Exercise Channels That Stretch, Strengthen and Tone



Sarah Beth Yoga

With a variety of exercise videos for very specific issues or pains, she really has something for just about anybody.  Her calming voice and zen video set up are just the right blend of yoga and a down to earth kind of feel. I feel like if I knew Sara Beth in person we would totally be friends.  


  • I had already been doing yoga for many years when I stumbled on her site. I was surprised to see that she really had a unique rhythm and flow that I had never seen before
  • She holds the poses a good amount of time. For some that might seem like a con, but for me it really helps me to take the time to relax all the tension out of my muscles.
  • As I mentioned above, she has very specific videos for LOTS of different things so it covers about anything that yoga can help with.
  • She reminds the viewers NOT to just push into a pose, but to work with where you are at and keep at it so that over time you will see progress.
  • The majority of the workouts are either 10, 15, 20 or 30 minutes long. SO, there are lots of options depending on what works for you.
  • I've done yoga with a LOT of different yoga instructors. I find that she is very relatable and down to earth. I feel like her message is realistic and encouraging.
  • The music in the videos is nice. I feel like that is important when you are doing yoga videos. If the music is too complicated it becomes a distraction
  • She shares healthy living tips and information about how yoga helps her with healthy challenges.  Again it's actually relevant and useful info.

Cons ( I use this in the loosest sense of the word. See above)

  • I usually only have about 10-15 minutes to do yoga in the morning and there are a limited number of videos in that time range. A lot of them are 20 minutes or longer. That isn't a bad thing, but it doesn't fit as well into my schedule for now.
  • The workouts are usually geared to an intermediate intensity level.  When my back is hurting a lot, it's harder for me to do poses that are moving from low to high and high to low


Yoga With Adriene



  • I love her mantra "Find What Feels Good". It's what I have always tried to do and the BASIS for why I practice yoga almost every day of my life!
  • She guides you to work at the level that is comfortable for YOU. She often shows how to modify poses or how to make it a deeper stretch if that is what you need.
  • I love that she doesn't take herself too seriously and she is funny! It's a bonus to have entertainment as you open your heart, mind and muscles to all the possibilities.
  • There are LOTS of different videos for different pains or stresses you might experience.
  • There is also a wide range of video lengths with the majority of them falling between 20-40 minutes. I have been doing these videos for so long that I will often skip over parts and basically customize the work out to be exactly what I need.
  • One of her recurring messages is to let go of ALL the tension you are holding onto and to let the negative emotions flow out of your body to open the possibility for something better. I wasn't as conscious of how much I was holding onto until she started to tell me to "Let it all out"
  • Videos range from beginning to intermediate with lots of instructions for how to modify or take it deeper. So there is literally a video for ANYONE and EVERYONE.
  • After visiting this channel for a while you will notice that you are learning as much about life and yourself as you are about how to ease a tense neck or to relieve your lower back pain. Truly a gem of channels.


Cons (This list is going to be short. Did I mention this is FREE yoga instruction?)

  • For me the biggest downside is that there aren't more short videos.  I WANT to do the longer videos and sometimes I really, really NEED to do them, but realistically that does't happen on a day to day basis.
  • Some of the stretching poses aren't held as long as I would like to. I get tight really easily so I feel like it takes a significant amount of time to let go of all the tension.


And there you have it. I have shared 4 of my VERY favorite Youtube exercise channels with you in the hopes of inspiring you to consider others ways to exercise than buying a gym membership.  In our times it makes sense to take advantage of the resources that you can literally get by pulling out your phone or getting out the laptop or hooking up a ROKU to your tv (which is what I like to do). 

The possibilities are endless with all of the free Youtube exercise channels that are literally at your fingertips. I'm curious, are there currently any Youtube exercise channels that you subscribe to? Have you ever tried the exercise videos that you find on Youtube?

If you try any of these Youtube exercise channels I want to hear about it! Share in the comments below or send me a DM on Instagram @peachtreedrive

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