Young Living Essential Oil Starter Kit

For the month of February I can't help but think that one way I show love is to support the health of my loved ones. Last year about this time I made up my mind to show myself and my family more love by making a really concentrated effort to get rid of chemicals. I started with the Theives Household cleaning kit (read about it here) and soon after bought the Young Living essential oils starter kit.

 Maybe you have heard about it and are interested in trying essential oils or you have even looked at the Young Living essential oils starter kit but it all seems overwhelming and you don't know where to start.

If you have ever wondered what the Young Living essential oils starter kit can do for you, read on!

I invited my good friend Abbi from Oils & Oranges to share with us her experience with some of the most popular oils that Young Living has to offer.

She has been using these oils for over 6 years and her passion and love for healthy living really shine through in her story.

I hope you enjoy reading her story of how she was introduced to the Young Living essential oils starter kit and how it has impacted her and her family for the better.



Hey! I am so excited to be a guest on Peachtreedrive. I get to share with you today something that I am SO passionate about. First, let me give a brief introduction of myself.


My name is Abbi. I am the face behind Oils & Oranges on Instagram. It is my space where I share with others and encourage them to never stop looking for answers.


Six years ago I had a very sick baby with zero answers. We happened to be at Disney World giving respiratory treatments before entering the park and upon returning home. My baby was 9 months old and had been very sick with no medical answers. I was told it was simply a way of life and hopefully one day he would outgrow it.


Stunned with that answer, I began pursuing the quest to find answers myself. We went to specialists, had a lot of testing done, but failed to ever find a conclusion. Discouraged and defeated I pushed on.


Something somewhere had to explain why my baby was so sick. At the same time I had other kids with skin issues that were unexplained and had been treated for five years with ointments, oral antibiotics and steroids. Again, we thought it was simply life.


During this time I had a friend who was raving about essential oils. I rolled my eyes and thought it to be the latest trend that would soon die down. To my surprise one day out of desperation I bought oils and began using them.


That HAD to be A LOT of desperation. ;) But...they worked. Skin issues were being cleared up...not only did they clear up, but 6 years later have never returned! The real test however was with my baby. I wanted him off of daily steroids for unexplained reasons. I started small with 3 of my top favorite oils from the Young Living essential oil starter kit.


Young Living Essential Oils Starter Kit Guide


Respiratory Support in the Young Living essential oils starter kit



Young Living essential oils starter kit

Lemon Vitality

Lemon first off smells amazing! I use Lemon three ways: topically, aromatically, and internally. For my baby I mostly used it aromatically. Lemon has an invigorating aroma that helps to alleviate stale smells and purify the air. It helps to boost your metabolism and energizes your mind.



Peppermint Vitality

Peppermint is an energizing aroma that has SO many benefits. Respiratory support is within this little bottle. It helps open up the airways, energizes the body, but can also alleviate body discomforts such as muscle and head tension. I also use this three ways: topically, aromatically, and internally.




Lavender is always described as the swiss army knife (of essential oils) because it literally IS good for everything! Lavender is well known to offer good sleep support, calming the mind, soothing burns, cuts and scrapes. But that is only the beginning. It is so gentle it is was a must have with my baby.


  These three oils put together created the most effective respiratory support I had ever seen at that time. It worked better than anything I had ever tried. These three are well known to be used especially during seasons where the pollen is high and the air is changing.


These three essential oils from the Young Living starter kit are now my protocol when my now 6 year old needs respiratory support. These were used day and night and were  all that I really needed. I got 11 oils  in the Young Living essential oil starter kit, but these were the only three I used on a regular basis.


I didn't have knowledge to know what the other 8 were used for, so they sat in a closet. Fast forward 4 years when I was in the bitterness of postpartum. I couldn't kick it this time around so I mustered up the courage and went to my doctor.

I left with the paper in hand I went for and headed to the pharmacy. While picking up my prescription I felt a distinct impression I should not take it. I am a HUGE believer in God so I believe that was the direction He gave to me. I won't lie, I was angry.

I wanted nothing more but to feel better and I had the solution...or so I thought. I went home and wrestled with the feelings, but remembered I had a little box of unopened oils I had never used. At the time I had another friend who was on a team that supported her with education about essential oils and how to use them. I quickly joined her team and my entire life has been changed! I opened these three bottles for emotional support:


Emotional Support in the Young Living essential oils starter kit




Peace & Calming

Peace & Calming...need I say more?!! I was in a time of life I needed a whole lot of peace and even more calm. This is an essential oil blend that is made up of the best calming oils such as Tangerine, Orange, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, and Blue Tansy. On days I felt my mind was exploding and motherhood was heavy I apply this on my wrists and felt the peace and calm take over.




Valor. This is described as courage in a bottle. It is an oil that will calm your racing heart, and clear your thoughts. It helps you to be brave in the hardest situations. I love to apply this behind my ears or on my wrists. Another great benefit is back pain. This oil is known as a chiropractor in a bottle as well. One drop down the spine helps alleviate discomfort.  I also LOVE to put this in DIY cologne for my husband.


Stress Away

Stress Away. Need I say more?!! This bottle was tucked in my closet when I needed it the most. The blend of Lime, Cedarwood, and Vanilla creates an uplifting aroma to calm the soul. I love to apply this on my wrists and/or behind my ears. This bottle is to tame all the tantrums by mothers, children, fathers, and anyone. Everyone could use some. This quickly became my daily perfume.


 I had no idea when I first got into oils the powerful effect they have with emotions. All emotions are triggered by smells. We remember the smells of days that stand out in our mind whether it was from trauma or joy. The limbic system in our body supports a variety of functions including emotions, behavior, motivation, long-term memory and olfaction (smells). Essential oils travel very quickly through the blood/brain barrier of the limbic system. Because of this they have a dramatic effect on the limbic system. Amazing right?!! The best part is I FELT that affect almost immediately and with daily consistent use of them I started to get out of the dark hole that I faced every day.


Powerhouse Oils in the Young Living essential oils starter kit

My life started to go in a whole different direction. I started to feel SO much better emotionally and my little guys were feeling better physically. Now it is good to note that essential oils are great at proactive care and reactive care BUT it is much better to use them proactively. An example of using them proactively come from these two favorite must haves:




Thieves is a daily must have at my house. I put this on my kid feet (diluted) daily. It has a power house of oils blended together to power up the immune system. Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, and Rosemary make this a very powerful oil. It will help purify the air, kick the germs right to the curb and support the body immune system. As a mom of 5 classrooms worth of germs everyday I can't live without this. It is often diffusing when they arrive home from school. I also use this in my DIY hand soap, dish soap and tea when feeling under the weather.



If y'all love to use google to get an amazing amount of information, google this one. Frankincense is a powerhouse all in and of itself. The properties in Frankincense are AMAZING at supporting our body. It helps the cell function in the body. It will also support the immune system at what is was naturally made to do. Those of you at an age of more lines and wrinkles want to keep this on hand as well. When my kiddos are under the weather this is my reactive care. I drop Frank on their feet every few hours. It is an incredible oil with SO many benefits. Together with Thieves truly power them both up!



 Can you believe this?!! It is what every mother dreams of. Helping kids stay healthier and well! I had no idea the power that was within my house as these oils from the Young Living essential oils starter kit sat on a shelf unused! All it took was a team of oilers who educated me and in turn make it possible for me to educate others like you!

Now, I can't end my story there because that is not the end of my story. While this next love of my life isn't exactly of oil in a bottle it has many oils in the bottle and you will get a sample of this in the Young Living essential oils starter kit.



Thieves Household Cleaner

Remember that team I joined full of oilers who started to educate me?!! Well they started talking about chemicals lurking in our home. I thought there was no way. So I started researching and to my horror had chemical offenders in my home.


These chemicals were wreaking havoc on my body and my kids bodies. So...I continued my journey to kick those out. I replaced all my cleaners with this ONE bottle. Yes, I only use ONE cleaner!


That bottle makes 29 bottles because it is highly concentrated. Being the penny pincher I am I went for it. To my SHOCK, JOY, AMAZEMENT, and ASTONISHMENT...that baby who had so many respiratory issues became well. For the first time in his 5 years of life his nose stopped running, his breathing was clearer and he stopped getting sick every time I turned around.


The doctors were right...he wasn't allergic to anything they tested him for, but he WAS allergic to everything I cleaned with that wouldn't show up on any test. Simply amazing! That my friends is where my story ends, but also begins.


I have learned so much about the handy work of God. He truly made so many wonderful things for our benefit. Learning how to use them has been a blessing! Especially this week as my little ones have all been sick. God has blessed us with SO many amazing creations that are for the use of man.

I wish I could literally stand in the cleaning isle and tell every mama, let me show you something better. Diet and exercise are a great way to improve health and one we all think about.

But...I also encourage you to take time today to look at those things you are putting IN your body because you put them ON your skin or breathe them in. 

Thank you for letting me share my story of being introduced to the Young Living essential oils starter kit. It is an honor to have Bri on this journey with me and to be sharing my story with you. This journey is open to all who want to walk it with us. A journey is much more enjoyable with friends.  I hope each of you have a blessed day and gained a little nugget or two of knowledge about how incredible our bodies are and the way God made every good thing for our benefit.




If you are interested in learning more or signing up for your own Young Living essential oils starter kit, you can check out this link. (If you sign up under my name you will receive an INCREDIBLY supportive team of like minded people who want to live a natural life and I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you).

My journey with the Young Living essential oils starter kit and the thieves cleaner kit have truly improved my life and have helped me in my role to support my families help and to show them all love as I mindfully use products that will enhance their well being rather than exposing them to toxic chemicals that wreak havoc on our health.


You can leave a comment here, find me on Instagram @peachtreedrive or email me  if you have any questions or want more information!





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