Valentine's Wreath for Less than $5

As I have said before, I love to change my seasonal decorations around a lot. That doesn't mean I like to spend a lot of money doing it. I actually enjoy the challenge of finding ways to repurpose what I have or, in this case, find inexpensive ways to make something new. Which is exactly how this Valentine's wreath was born. 

I knew that I wanted something colorful on my door after I took down my Christmas decorations. Often after the holidays I will put up a few simple winter decorations that take me through until spring. This year I was inspired to try my hand at some fun Valentine's decorations. I've been meaning to get some new Valentine's decorations for a long time and this year I decided to take the plunge.

Valentine's Wreath Tutorial


Valentine's wreath

I found this heart shaped wire form at the Dollar Tree and I immediately knew that would form the base of my new wreath. I LOVE having wreaths that are not the traditional round shaped wreaths. This was the perfect blank slate to start with.



Then I got out the skein of Burgundy Red Heart yarn that my mom gave me. It was the perfect color for this project. You can find a skein of yarn for under $3 ( especially if you use a coupon at the craft store. Is there any other way to buy craft supplies?) So, the entire cost of this wreath is less than $5. Not bad.



I didn't take lots of pictures of this part. Basically you want to start on a straight side and tie a knot with your yarn to get started.  Then you will wrap the yard all the way around the wire form and through the center. I liked to place my thumb on the yard to make sure there was continuous coverage. Be careful not to pull too tight and pull the yarn through every single time to make sure the yarn doesn't overlap. This process took me about an hour and a half (including interruptions from kids). 

I recommend that you put on a movie or a great show and make the wreath while you are entertained. After a bit you get into a good rhythm and it goes a lot faster.  I tried to slide the yarn along as I went to make sure there were no gaps in the yarn. You can tug and adjust the yarn to make it look just how like it.

On the corners you may want to stop a few centimeters away and tie it off. Then you can start a new piece that will wrap around the sharp corners. They were the most difficult to cover. I had to go over those spots multiple times to get it all covered. I wrapped it as much as I could until I got down to the point at the bottom and then I finished wrapping the other side and went back to cover the very bottom piece. 

When I was all finished I cut the string and tied it to the wire in the back and tucked the small end into the yarn. I think there are lots of ways you could do it, but that was the easiest for me.


And here is the final Valentine's wreath hanging on my door.



With a zoomed out shot so that you can see the Valentine's wreath in relation to my other outdoor decorations. I have a very small front porch so I try to keep it simple and visually impacting. I like the pops of red/pink that draw your eye in each element I put out.  If you'd like to use chalk art to spice up your holiday decorations, check out my tutorial for basic tips and inspiration.


There are really so many decorations that you can go with this Valentine's wreath. I think it would be cute to make two and tie them together. You could do alternating colors of yarn, you could cover it in material or pom poms or anything really. This year I wanted something simple and inexpensive that wouldn't take a lot of time. This Valentine's wreath was just right for me now. I can always add more to it next year.

If you make a wreath like this or another Valentine's wreath inspired by mine, I would love to see your picture of it on Instagram #peachtreedr. Let's inspire each other!!! If you have any questions or comments leave those below. Do you like to have tutorials for easy and inexpensive holiday decor? Let me know. 

Happy crafting.


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