Valentine's Wooden Sign Tutorial

I made this cute Valentine's wooden sign for under $3. I really like to get crafty and change my holiday decorations from time to time.  Since I have a budget and little kids always vying for my attention, it can be tricky to do. This sign took less than 30 minutes from start to finish and I love it.

I'm going to share my creative process and pictures too so that you can create this look or get inspired to make your own custom Valentine's wooden sign to brighten up your space. I'm a curious person and I always wonder how someone takes a project from start to finish. So, I'm going to share my creative process today.


Valentine's Wooden Sign Tutorial

It all started when I was shopping at Walmart and saw this wooden sign for $2.48.  I knew that it would make a great decoration at an affordable price. When I got home I looked a bit at the sign and decided to find some visual inspiration.  I knew that I wanted to have "Be Mine" on the sign, but that was as far as I'd gotten. I looked up chalk art designs and brainstormed. Then I got the vision in my mind.


Then I practiced my lettering on a scrap piece of paper. I didn't spend too much time fretting about it. I just wanted a chance to practice the flow once or twice before I did it on the wood.


Then I found a paper that relatively matched the size of my board. I wrote it on that and centered it on the sign to see if it worked spatially. Then I set the paper above to use as a guide as I hand lettered the words.


I used a BIC permanent marker with a fine tip for the lettering.


I traced over the letters one time with all the basic strokes.


Then I did it again and added the shading and extra details.


valentine's wooden sign

I finished it off by using 3 different colors of sharpie markers to color over the hearts. You can see what the finished sign looks like hanging up.


Materials Needed 

1 wooden sign

scratch paper


black permanent marker

3 different colored sharpie markers in Valentine's colors


Are you intimidated by penciling your own words? You could also create a stencil by finding a design online and then printing it out and cutting out the font to trace around. You could also just buy a stencil and use toll paints to paint over it. There are lots of ways to personalize your Valentine's wooden sign and to make it your own.

I went this route because I had a plentiful supply of paper, pencils and permanent markers. I'd love to see your take on this project. If you make a Valentine's wooden sign take a picture and post it on Instagram #peachtreedr so I can see your fun decoration.

Also you can check out how I made a heart wreath for less than $5 here.








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