Valentine's Day Party

I had so  much fun planning this Valentine's Day party. I was able to keep it fun by doing simple ideas that don't take a lot of time to prepare but keep in the spirit of a heart theme. The more relaxed I am, the more fun everyone else has. Today I'm going to share some simple, inexpensive ideas for decorations, treat and activities. Hopefully these simple ideas will inspire you to create your own Valentine's Day party that your kids will love.

These ideas are easy to do on a large scale (like a classroom Valentine's Day party), or you can do them for a small group. I've done the activities both ways and they work great. I like to consider that I am providing them with ideas and supplies and then I let them lead the way.

Valentine's Day Party Decorations

Decorations are always one of the first things I like to consider when I'm planning a party. For this party I decided to stick with a red, pink and white theme. As a mom with young children I don't want to spend a lot of time or money creating decorations for an even that only lasts a day.

 I kept it so simple because I already have some other great Valentine's decorations up right now.

A blank canvas. I found this "LOVE" sign at Wamart for under $3. I knew it would be the perfect thing to add some festivity to our party without costing a lot of money. I also got pink and red paint.


Using a heart sticker to trace around so that I could make all the hearts on the "O"


Then I painted the letters to make this super fun sign! The whole project cost less than $5 and I can reuse it from year to year. If I ever get sick of the design I can paint over it!


I made a simple banner with these felt hearts from the Dollar Tree and some white string that I already had.  I strung them through the little hearts and then put the banner above my arch.


Valentine's Day party

And that's what it looks like up on the arch. It's such a festive and fun way to enter the party area.  I also got the heart above that from Dollar Tree.


Valentine's Day Party Activities/Games

As I mentioned above, I wanted to keep this party simple and stress free. So I planned activities that would be easy to put together and lots of fun for the kids.  Each of the activities was inspired by hearts, so that was a fun way to tie everything together while still giving variety.

Healthy Heart


For this game you will need to make a game board and a heart bean bag.  Set the board down on the floor and have each kid take a turn tossing the bean bag to see which space it lands on. Whichever one it lands on, they do the action it says.


I drew stick figure doing different actions that are good for your heart. My actions were: spin around, hop 5 times, 1 push up, 3 jumping juacks, run for 10 seconds and stretch tall.


You can make a line for the kids to stand behind or just have them stand far enough away from the board so they can toss the bean bag onto one of the actions.   Then they do whatever the action says.  I always like to play party games that get them moving around a bit. You can customize the actions to your group.


If you want to make a heart bean bag you will need red flannel, beans and some thread and scissors. I would typically sew this with my machine, but that's out of commission right now, so you can still make it by hand.


Make sure to cut out two hearts and then you can sew them together. Leave a small hole at the end so that you can flip the heart inside out so that the stitches are hidden. Then fill it up wit dry beans and sew the hole shut. Another alternative would be to cut the hearts bigger and then snip all around the edges about an inch in so that you could just tie the materials together. Then you could add cotton or some other filling to stuff it. 

Heart Potato

Have everyone stand in a circle. While music is playing start having them pass the heart bean bag around the circle. When the music stops, whoever is holding the heart has to sit out. Keep going until you have a winner.

Heart Toss

There are a couple of ways that you can play heart toss with your heart bean bag. The first is to have kids work in pairs and toss the heart back and forth to each other. Each time they catch it they take one step back. See how far apart they can get and still catch it.

Heart Toss Variation

You can have one person in the middle of the circle who is cupid and you don't want cupid to capture your heart. People toss the heart around and the cupid in the middle tries to snatch it.


Build A Heart


For this activity you will need jelly heart candies and toothpicks. Then you just let the kids create whatever structure they want by connecting the hearts with the toothpicks. Our kids had so much fun with this.  It was really fun to see all the different variations they came up with. We had kids ranging from 2 to 10 who made structures. All of them had fun.


I am sharing several pictures of the finished products because they are so cute! This is definitely an activity that engages their minds as they have fun creating their structures (or people like the one pictured on the right!)




Heart Creatures

For this activity all you need to do is cut out a bunch of hearts in different sizes. We only used white paper because that's what we had on hand. You could easily make the hearts any colors that you want. Then I let the kids make animals or people that are completely made out of hearts. Once they have pieced together their animal or person, it's a simple matter of gluing it together and allowing them to add the finishing touches with crayons or markers.



A bird.



A fish.


I love to do activities that encourage creativity and imaginative play. It's so fun to see what they come up with!



Blindfold Draw a Heart

This activity is really fun and SO easy. All you do is blindfold the kids one at a time. Then you hand them a pencil and tell them to draw a heart. I was a little surprised at how well everyone did. Of course the younger ones can't make a heart, but the older kids did it just fine!


Valentine's Day Party Treat


Not that kids really need MORE treats for Valentine's Day, but this treat idea is something they can help you with and it's so simple.  Also, I find that no one wants to eat more than one or two so I think it's a fitting treat for Valentine's Day.  It's all about making memories and connecting with each other.


Chocolate Cinnamon Bears



Have you ever had a chocolate cinnamon bear? They are well known in Utah. You can find them at all the gourmet chocolate shops. It's just as easy to make them at home and you can see my tutorial here.


Well that's it for our Valentine's Day party! Thanks for stopping by to see how I created a stress free and inexpensive party for the kids in my life. I hope these ideas inspire you to have fun with the kids in your life and show them how much you care.

If you do any of our activities for your Valentine's Day party, I would love to see pictures on Instagram #peachtreedr Also, if you have any questions or comments, let me know in the comments below. I appreciate your feedback. Tell me, what is the hardest part about planning parties for you? Do you find that you stress out or are you able to enjoy them?



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