Valentine's Class Gift Ideas- No Food Required

I love Valentine's Day (and most any holidays that give me a reason to celebrate). What I don't love is the load of candy my kids bring home from their class Valentine's party.  Many years I have found different ways to give the kids a treat that isn't loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients. This year I went a step further and created printables for some really good Valentine's class gift ideas that involve NO FOOD at all!

All of the things that I used were things that I found at the dollar store. Just because I want to minimize my kids' sugar consumption doesn't mean I want to spend a fortune doing it. I had so much fun creating all the sayings and paring them with something the kids would enjoy.


Valentine's Class Gift Ideas & Printables


Stick With Me Valentine



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This printable is the one I am using this year for my daughter's Valentine's class gift. I bought some stickers at the Dollar Tree and we are going to tape this saying "Stick with Me" onto each box. I made a printable in two different color schemes.


I got two packs that each have 18 boxes of stickers. I'm sticking to my budget for Valentine's class gifts (which I try to keep to $3 per kid) AND I didn't have to use candy. I think this is still fun and festive, don't you?


Valentine You Blow Me Away


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This printable is really simple and classic. You can pair a lot of things with one. You can give each kid a balloon, bubbles, party blowers, blow up bounce balls, or the fun self inflating balloons that I found at Dollar Tree. 


I found a 3 pack of regular sized bubbles. If you go to a party store you can find the miniature bubbles if you are planning to give them to a large class. I think this size is perfect for my purposes because I am giving these ones to my kids. Do you like to give your kids a gift for Valentine's Day? I usually find them something simple and inexpensive to let them know I love them.


These individually wrapped self inflating balloons are so fun! We got them for Christmas and my kids LOVED them. We also gave some to our cousins and they loved them too. Once you take the balloon out of the packet you shake it really hard and then something releases inside of the latex balloon allowing it to inflate. SO fun.


You Make Life Colorful

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A lot of times when we try to buy Valentine's class gifts and the cards that go with them, my kids think that the sayings are too sentimental and focus on love. In our house, we like to think of Valentine's Day as an opportunity to show love and kindness in a friendly way, so that's why my sayings lean more towards friendship than love.


I think you could give each kid a paintbrush to go along with the "colorful" theme. I bought a pack of paintbrushes that came in lots of different colors.



Or you can find some smaller boxes of crayons to give. I was amazed when I found this 3 pack of Crayolas for only $1. You never know what you will find when you wander into a Dollar Tree. It's a place I try to shop at for every holiday before I try other places.


You Light Up My Life



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Again, I think there are a lot of things that you can do with this printable. I'm thinking you can give kids mini flashlights (are your kids obsessed with flashlights like mine?). Or you could get them inexpensive pairs of sunglasses (or something with sunglasses on it like erasers or key chains).

For me, the obvious choice is a glow stick. You can buy a decent sized pack at the dollar store or any party store. I think the kids would love it! Candy lasts only as long as it takes to rip open the package and scarf it down. This kind of Valentine's class gift will give the kids a chance to make memories (and then they will probably destroy the toy after a day, but hey, I count that as a win.


At my Dollar Tree they have a whole aisle dedicated to all the different kinds of glow sticks. If I was giving this to a whole class full of kids, I would definitely use the smaller glow sticks to make it more affordable. These glow sticks, however, are destined for my little Valentine's.


I Think You Are Sharp!


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I designed this one so that you could either punch a hole in the corner and tie it to a pencil or you could snip little slits on either side of the "Valentine" and slip the pencil into place. 


valentine's class gift


There are always packs of cute Valentine's pencils and this time of year the kids seem to need new ones to make it through the rest of the school year. Boom. Another inexpensive Valentine's class gift idea!  I love when I can combine practical and fun gits into one.


Valentine You are Crazy Fun



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Once again I decided to make it in two different color schemes. For this tag I would add a crazy straw or some goofy string


I don't want to Erase time spent with you


         click here to print


This final printable I have would go perfect with an eraser! You could use a Valentine's themed eraser or you could find those fun erasers that have removable pieces or another kind of erasers. Either way it's a great Valentine's class gift option that is unique and costs about the same price as a box of Valentine's that you buy at the store.


I hope that one of these Valentine's class gift ideas will help you find a creative and fun way to send your kids with Valentine's for their classes without breaking the bank or sending them into a sugar overload.

If you use any of my printables or ideas please take a picture and post it on Instagram #peachtreedr so that I can join in the festivities with you! 

Oh and in case you are under the impression that I DON'T like sugar you can check out my simple recipe for chocolate cinnamon bears that make a great Valentine treat and I'll remedy that for you right away. Ok, thanks. That's all for now. I can't wait to see how you use these fun Valentine's class gift printables!












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