One Step Forward Two Steps Back

What to do when you take one step forward and two steps back

I have yet to meet a person who says, "I really love to be sick!" I dislike being sick for more than the obvious discomforts that follow. The biggest reasons that I hate to get sick are that one) people are relying upon me and I don't like to let them down and two) I always seem to get sick right after I have made some progress in some area of my life and then suddenly I have to take two steps back!

shoes to symbolize two steps back

I feel like my spirit is constantly trying to forge upward and onward and yet my physical body demands that I stay grounded to earth. These are the times that I have to remind myself that I am capable of doing amazing things, but I also need to be mindful of how much prodding and pushing I can actually take.

Being Mindful of Physical Limitations Without Letting Them Rule My Life

Many people in my life have told me I am weak or have physical limitations that make it difficult, if not impossible, to do activities that most people do.

I know they are just trying to make me feel better about myself and to give me permission to be ok with mediocrity. That is not my way though, and I don't see myself as being weak. There are times when I have to be careful and pay close attention to how my body responds to heat, lack of water, diet, types of exercise, minimal sleep and so on and so forth. However, I know that I am strong and even when I take two steps back that means my next step forward will just have to be a big jump!

What do you do to keep moving forward when life is hard? I'd love to see pictures on Instagram #peachtreedr if you want to share some inspiration. Don't underestimate how much you can inspire others.

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