Youtube Exercise Channels to Follow

Youtube exercise channels should be ALL the rage.  I have been exercising at home for years. I used to walk on a treadmill or work out with DVD's, but I finally transitioned over subscribing to the free Youtube exercise channels and I've never looked back. It's so convenient to pull up one of my favorite workout channels and to find a video based on my mood, goals and time.


Youtube exercise channels

Youtube Channels For Active Kids

How to Encourage Active Kids in the Winter

Winter is a wonderful season but it does pose some challenges for active kids and their parents.  Kids are made to move around and when it's really cold or snowy outside they can't get their wiggles out by running around outdoors.


My kids always get very restless during the coldest months and need a way to use up some of their pent up energy. So, I started to look for Youtube channels that could help them get some of their wiggles out.