Goal Setting- SImplified

Why Is Goal Setting a Thing?

Does it seem like everywhere you turn, people are talking about goal setting? Does it seem overwhelming or like it's something you shouldn't be bothered with? I think that it is if you have a goal that you have been longing for, dreaming about, and secretly holding on to. For some it may be to get out of debt, lose weight, write a book, get a degree, learn an instrument, or have a picture perfect space to call your own.  Whatever IT is, the same principles apply for goal setting and achieving the desired end result.


Why Many People Don't Reach Goals

Over and over I have seen someone feel inspired and they decide to go All IN. Many people would applaud this work ethic and reaffirm that this is the right way to approach the problem-with all that you've got. I'm here to ask you to consider, "Maybe there is a better way?" 

goal setting

See, with the ALL IN approach I have observed that most people say it is "All or nothing!" That kind of an approach is not usually sustainable long term. Particularly if the changes you need to make are  completely different than what you have been doing before.  

We are creatures of habit and it is really difficult to try and do a complete make over all at once.  Also, with the all or nothing approach, if someone doesn't achieve the goal quickly, or doesn't do as well as they hoped to, they decide to up and quit. All the progress they made goes out the window and its back to ground zero.


How to Simplify Goal Setting

So what is a better way then? The answer lies in finding a way to simplify your goal. Break it down into a manageable action that you can begin right now. That's it. Start with one simple thing that gets you started in the right direction. Do it again and again until it is truly just a part of your day/routine/self. Then keep doing it some more.

After you have been doing that for a realllly long time, then you can consider adding in something else-but only if it doesn't affect the one new habit that you have already incorporated. As you continue to do that slowly and consistently, you are going to see how much closer you are to IT than you would ever be if you try to go ALL In from the start. You're welcome. 

In this article, I talk more about how we can start right now to make changes that we want to see. I have also created a free printable quote to remind you that when you get start thinking about goal setting, just remember that goals happen one small change at a time.


For another variation of this printable click here or here.


What do you think about goal setting? Do you have a system that is effective or do you find yourself getting overwhelmed? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Also, if you use my printable I would love to see a picture of where you put it on Instagram #peachtreedr. 


Happy Goal Setting My Friend!


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