Scratch Off Paper How To

Scratch Off Paper

Did you ever get a scratch off paper as a kid and have so much fun using a coin (or your fingernail) to scratch it off to reveal the hidden message underneath? Well today I am going to show you how easy and quick it is to make your very own scratch off paper.

scratch off paper with gold paint

I am writing this post in conjunction with my escape room party tutorial. I made this cute scratch off paper as one of the clues for my party. I think it's a fun idea to incorporate into lots of things. I think I will use it next to make some cute Valentine's cards with a hidden message under the scratch mix.

So let's get started on this simple and quick tutorial.

Number 34 written on paper

For starters you will want to have some card stock, cardboard or other heavy duty paper to use. That way it will hold up when you paint over it. I wrote down a number, with a permanent marker, that was relevant to our puzzle.

Number 34 written on paper with tape dispenser beside it

finger placing tape over number 34

Next I covered the entire number with clear tape. You could also use contact paper but for me the tape was easier to find. Make sure that you cover it really well. I also suggest overlapping a bit to make sure that the entire area of your message is protected from the paint layer.

paper plate with gold paint and dish soap mixed together

Now it's time to get the materials you will need for the paint. I used Dawn dish soap, some gold metallic toll paint, a paper plate and a paint brush. You will want to mix two part of paint to one part of the dish soap.

mixing paint and dish soap with paint brush

I just squirted it onto the plate and eyeballed it. I stirred it together with the paint brush. Is started to have lots of little bubbles and when I couldn't see the dish soap anymore, I knew it was ready.

Painting over the number 34

So I painted over the number with one coat.

First layer of paint where 34 is still visible

I could still see the numbers through the paint so I let it dry for a few minutes and then painted another coat over the top.

Paper with Number 34 completely covered by gold paint

The next coat did the trick. I let it dry completely and then it was ready for us to use in the escape room!


What are some ways that you would use this scratch technique for? If you do a project with it, I would love to hear about it in the comments below.


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