Save Money Shopping Clearance With These Tips

Save Money Shopping Clearance

Initially the idea of shopping clearance might seem like a no brainer, but as with most things regarding money and how we spend it, there is a lot more to it than you might think.Today I wanted to share with you some of my tips and strategies for how to save money shopping clearance items.

save money shopping clearance


I shop clearance items a lot to save money, especially after holidays. Today most of my examples come from my recent Halloween clearance shopping outing with a few other random items that I have bought using the same ideas.

Tips To Save Money Shopping Clearance

Plan ahead

I promise that taking some time to write down or make a mental list of things that you are going to need in the coming months or years is the best thing to do to save you money. If you know what you need before hand, you can keep your eye out for deals when you are out doing other shopping. 

You never know when you are going to find a great deal for an item and if you know you need it and it's a great price then that is the best time to buy it! One year I was at a Smith's Marketplace picking up a few groceries. I noticed they had backpacks on sale for $15. The quality was great and it came with a lunch bag, pencil bag and water bottle too! My daughter still talks about how that was the best backpack and it lasted her for several years.

cupcake pencil bag

If I hadn't had school supplies on my radar, I would have passed up that incredible deal to save money. Another bonus is that her backpack was unique because we had been shopping far from home so none of her classmates had the same bag. Now that's a win win situation.


Think outside the box

If you look at items and think of different ways to use them, you can really save money shopping clearance. This takes some practice, but if you go into it thinking of how you can use the different items it gets easier over time and will even become second nature.


white wicker basket

I bought this white basket in a clearance Christmas section. It had a bright colored Christmas liner over the top. I simply took it off and suddenly I had a neutral basket that was the perfect size to store my baking supplies in the pantry. I actually bought four of those baskets and at 90% off they were cheaper than any other storage containers I would have bought for my pantry! 


Know the right time to shop

This might be different for every store, but as you shop around you become familiar with when stores want to quickly move through their inventory so they can put out the new items. If you aren't sure, then ask the employees and they can tell you when new shipments are coming in and how often items go on clearance.

Some store will clearance different sections of the store on different days of the week. Other stores may have a regular clearance rotation for all items every couple of weeks.Basically get to know the times goods are coming and going. It varies from store to store.

In most cases,  I advise that you shop early in the day. This is when there is a larger selection and the optimal time to save money shopping clearance. I have, however,  seen stores marking items for clearance in the middle of the day as well, so if you aren't sure, just ask an employee when they mark clearance items and try to go right after that.

One obvious time that everyone is trying to get rid of items is at the end of a season or right after a holiday, which leads to one of my favorite tips.

Always Check the Holiday Clearance

I love holidays so I tend to buy a lot of decorations, baking items, or holiday themed items for my house. Since I know that I am going to be buying those items, I always keep a look out for the after holiday clearance. It's this magical time when items that cost $40 the day before suddenly cost half that price. If you go back a few days later it might be up to 90% off!

pink sparkly costume

Here is a picture of a costume I got for $2.50. That's right, for less than $3 I now have a costume for my daughter (and other little kids) next year because I happened to be at the store when they had all the Halloween stuff for 90% off! Yes please. 

While I was there I also got some makeup and a few dress up items that I will be giving as gifts for Christmas because it's cheaper than anything I can make or buy anywhere else. In total I spent $50 but I saved $300. Even the cashier was really impressed with my savings. She lamented that she had bought her costume at full price only the week before. 

red gift wrapping bag with handle

I also bought this wrapping paper holder on clearance and I have LOVED it! I can keep all my wrapping paper, scissors, tags, tape, ribbons, bows, bags, and tissue paper in one place. I only buy my wrapping paper and supplies after Christmas and then I can afford to have a lot of different designs (which I love).

If you are a lover of holidays like me and what all the fun and festive things without the heft price tag then Shop Holiday Clearance Sales. If you follow the other tips, then hopefully you won't buy anything that you regret. Which leads us to the last, but not leas, tip.

Don't buy it unless it's something you would buy/use 

There is something really exciting about finding a great deal. I still marvel over some of the things that I have bought that were such great quality and cost less than a bottle of water at the vending machine.

I feel an adrenaline when I  get to the cash register and watch all the money just melt down into this really friendly, doable small total. I still can't always believe when I walk out with these huge bags of stuff and still have enough money to treat myself to a little something for all that hard work.

While it is fun to save money, it's ESSENTIAL that you follow this tip or all of those feel good fuzzies will turn on you.   Then they become remorseful nagging thoughts that ask you questions that you don't have the answers to like "what are you going to do with this?" "where will this go" or "why did you buy that?" 

Since we don't want more nagging little voices talking in our heads I'm going to remind you to ONLY BUY THINGS YOU WOULD USE. It's very tempting to buy something because it is a "good deal". If it isn't something you were planning to buy or use, then it doesn't matter if it was cheap (or even free) because it's not a good deal for YOU.

Remember that things take your time, attention and space. So, if you are ONLY buying it because it is cheap, just step back slowly and walk away! I promise you will be happier for it.

You might be wondering how to tell whether you need it or will use it? I think that if you go back to the first tip of making a list of things you need/want to buy, then you will have a good idea of the items you are watching for.

If it's not on the list, don't buy it.

More Examples of how to Save Money Shopping Clearance

bunny fruit snack box

I bought this box of fruit snacks for $1.50 I don't buy fruit snacks all the time, but when they are on sale, I will buy them because they are handy and my kids love them. 

Bobble bitz craft

I bought this craft kit in the clearance section of the craft store for $3. I knew that Christmas was coming up AND I could also use it as a birthday gift for someone. I like to keep a stockpile of presents on hand for birthday parties or other random times when I might need a gift. I can do this BECAUSE I buy stuff when it goes on clearance. Being able to buy Christmas and birthday gifts on clearance is definitely one of the best ways that I save money shopping clearance.

Thanksgiving activity book

I got this activity book so that my kids would have some activities to do on Thanksgiving Day. It has all kinds of fun activities and even includes some decorations that they can put together (including name tags) for our holiday table. The $2 that I spent will definitely be well spent for my craft loving children.


I hope these tips help you to see how to save money shopping clearance on every day items. It really is a great way to buy items that you were planning to buy and use anyway. I'm interested to hear your tips for how to save money shopping clearance. Share your tips below or on Instagram #peachtreedr


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