Print on Fabric Tutorial

Today I am sharing a fun diy crafting technique that can be used for SO many projects.  Once you see how easy it is to print on fabric I bet your mind is going to explode with all the possibilities of what you can do with it.


Just in case you like to have a ready made project, I have a very special printable that I am using to show you how to print on fabric.


print on fabric

This is what my finished project looks like.  


Print on Fabric Supply List



  • Freezer Paper
  • fabric (I used burlap but any light colored fabric will do)
  • dark colored ink that will show up on your chosen fabric



  • inkjet printer
  • dry iron
  • scissors
  • either an 8.5" x 11" paper to use as a template or a ruler to measure with



Once you have your pdf, png or jpg file ready to print you will need to prepare the fabric.


First you will cut out the fabric and a piece of freezer paper to the size that fits in your printer.  Mine happens to fit the 8.5" x 11" paper so that is the size that I made my printable.  


For the next step you need to make sure to line up the shiny side of the freezer paper to the fabric.  Below I show an example of the two sides of the paper.  One side is dull and plain and the other side is shiny.



                       dull                                                       shiny


Once you have established which side is shiny, you will line that side up to the back of your fabric.  You are then going to use your iron to adhere the freezer paper to the fabric.



I had to go over some of the spots, particularly around the edges, several times to make sure that they were stuck together.  Make sure that you press down on every spot and pay extra close attention to the edges that will go into the printer.

In retrospect I might have tried adding a piece of masking tape to the bottom edge of the fabric/freezer paper before I fed it into the printer.  Burlap tends to fray and I might have avoided that if I had taped it.  Good to know for the next time!



Once the fabric and freezer paper are fused together it is time to put it in the printer!




In my printer the paper prints on the top side and so I placed the fabric facing up.  If you aren't sure which side your printer puts the ink on, just do a trial run first with a piece of paper that you have marked.



Once your fabric has been printed on, you can slowly peel off the freezer paper.  In this picture I accidentally forgot to trim the freezer paper to the fabric and so some of the wording printed only on the freezer paper.  Oops.  Then I ran out of ink so I couldn't print it over again.



Even though I had a few mishaps along the way, I love my finished project.  I chose the burlap because I felt like it was the kind of material that would have been around during the time that Jesus lived on the earth.


It's a bit rustic and rough around the edges like me, but I love to see it every day as I go up and down the stairs.


Now that I have shown you my print on fabric tutorial, what are you going to make?  I am going to try my hand next at making some pillows I think.


If you make something using this print on fabric tutorial please post it on Instagram #peachtreedr so I can see what you have made.  I'd love to see what you make.  If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.  




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