Preschool Rainbow Activities

I'm sharing some really fun, simple and educating preschool rainbow activities just in time for St. Patrick's Day this weekend (though I think a rainbow theme can work LOTS of times throughout the year).  The great thing about teaching kids is that often you can put together activities in 5 minutes or less and you can use items that you have around your house.


I have been teaching young children my whole adult life and I have learned over the years that kids don't need elaborate activities that are coordinating and perfectly executed.  What they do need is adults who are willing to provide engaging activities and to connect with them as they explore and learn.


These preschool rainbow activities were made with all of that in mind.  So get ready to see how you can take simple items, a little creativity and a few moments of your time to make some great activities for preschoolers and older kids a like.


Preschool Rainbow Activities


I made this rainbow printable in another post with some St. Patrick's Day themed preschool activities.  I used it as the base for some of the other activities I am showing you here.


Rainbow Printable

preschool rainbow activities


With this one printable I created a couple of activities.  


Color a Rainbow


For this activity I just told my 4 year old to color a rainbow.  That was all the instruction I gave.  I love that she made a brown layer in her rainbow.  In this activity she was practicing holding her crayons correctly, working on hand-eye coordination and enhancing her creativity as she "imagined" a rainbow with other colors.  Simple and so fun.


Rainbow Sticker Activity



On the back side of the paper I quickly drew another simple rainbow so that she could outline it with stickers.  We only had small stickers so she got tired after a while, but she went pretty far.  This is a great activity to help with fine motor skills.  The more practice children have with using their hand muscles and practicing activities that require hand-eye coordination, the more prepared they are for rigorous learning when they go to school.


Rainbow Counting Activity



In this activity I gave her a bunch of colored cereals and asked her to pick one color for each arch of the rainbow.  This activity helps develop fundamental math skills as they sort, place and count the cereals in each row.  You can talk about where the smallest arch has the same number of cereal as the biggest arch or even just note small, medium and large. 

Any way you look at it, they will be learning something important while they play.  It's also a great way to present snack time.  If you don't want to use food, you could use stickers or markers or paint!


Rainbow Collage


I keep this drawer full of random scrap papers.  With kids, I find that it comes in handy a lot.  If you have a bunch of scrap paper or a drawer like me (I started writing small in junior high to save paper) this will give you the perfect opportunity to use it.



First you will pick out the colors you want for your rainbow.  I chose some solid colors and some with patterns.  Then I ripped them up into approximately one inch squares.  This is not an exact science.  I really just took strips of paper and started ripping. It's really a great stress reliever now that I think about it.



And then you use the template I gave you above and make a rainbow or just have the kids free hand it.  Really the possibilities are endless with this.  They will have lots of fine motor practice and a really cute rainbow to display at the end.  For younger kids, I would recommend making less arches for the rainbow.


I think this is my favorite rainbow activity.  Probably because I love designing and quilting and this has some elements of each of those hobbies in it.      


DIY Rainbow Scratch Paper



"R" is for rainbow.


If you want to see how I made the rainbow scratch paper you can check out my tutorial here.


And that's it for my preschool rainbow activities!  Which of the preschool rainbow activities is your favorite?  If you do any of these activities I would love to hear about it in the comments below or better yet, post a picture on Instagram #peachtreedr and I can see for myself.  


Thanks for stopping by, until next time.



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