Positive Thinking is Crucial to Success

How Positive Thinking Will Help You

Positive thinking is a wonderful skill to gain in life. Read on to see some of my ideas about why it is so important to develop and nurture this trait so that you can reach your fullest potential.

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Everyone Needs Motivation Sometimes

Sometimes I need an extra motivator to get me through a tough day, week, or even longer patch. I have suffered from anxiety and postpartum depression. I have had pain, sickness, loss of a loved one, betrayal and financial stress to name just a few of the things that can get me down.

Music is one of the tools that I draw from when I need inspiration and a lift in my mood. Sometimes for really intense challenges, music can't even come close to helping me deal with my difficulties and I have to find other ways to hash through them. Many times it is just what I need to lift my spirits and to remind me of important truths that will help see me through those really rough bumps along my journey through life.

One song that I like to replay in my mind is The Piano Guys song "Okay". Have you ever heard that song? With the upbeat tempo and optimistic lyrics it is just the thing to keep my mind from veering down the road to negative thinking. (As a side note I ran into John Schmidt once and I told him how much I appreciate that he uses his talent to bless so many people. He was so kind and gracious!). 

Taking Time to Reflect

This morning I felt like I needed that extra pick me up and I listened to the song maybe three or four times. Then I had to drive all over town to run some errands. I started thinking about how much power comes from putting positive thoughts in our minds. 

Having Role Models

This last year and I a half I have spent a lot of time seeking out positive role models and people who inspire the best in me. You know, after listening to those positive messages for months on end, I'm really starting to take them to heart. 

I have a better understanding that even if I'm not perfect right now, or haven't accomplished all that I'd like to, I am capable of doing so many things! It's a process that I can work through a little bit each day. Having a positive attitude and the knowledge that I WILL succeed, over time, makes all the difference in the world.

The Power of Positive Thinking

It's almost like having this super power that allows me to make it through even the most difficult experiences. There has always been some part of me that knows of my infinite potential, but I feel that it has only been in the last few years that I have really been able to believe in that wholeheartedly. 

It is such a freeing feeling. I can allow myself to make mistakes. I can look beyond the moment to know that a brighter day will come. I can dig deep down inside and find that kind of compassion and love for others when they don't do things right the first, tenth, or even hundredth time.

We are all AMAZING and I truly believe that there is real power in not only having those positive thoughts, but repeating them every day until they become our reality. There's no going back now that I have seen the power in positive thinking.


If you are having a hard time, know you are not alone!

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