Pom Pom Preschool Activities & Penguin Craft

Pom Pom Preschool Counting Ideas

I have taught children (in varying capacities) my entire adult life. In my experience I have found that the most simple, every day items really seem to capture the attention of kids a lot better than flashy, extravagant toys. These pom pom preschool activities are the perfect example of that.


pom pom preschool


I recommend that you have a clear jar (because the pom poms are so pretty to look at) an a bag of mini pom poms. If you can't find the mini pom poms you can use the regular sized ones. It takes extra coordination to maneuver the smaller pom poms though.  The first thing you can do is give them a handful of pom poms and have them count as they drop them into the jar. This is something even a toddler could do. If they don't want to count, you can do the counting or you can just show and say the name of each colored pom pom. So simple.




To teach them about sorting and learning to group things together, you can ask them to separate the pom poms by color. Show the kids an example of what you mean and see if they are able to take a handful of colorful pom poms and put them in sorted piles.



For this pom pom preschool activity you will want the mini pom poms and some colorful pipe cleaners. I found these extra large, fuzzy pipe cleaners on clearance at my Michael's Craft. We have used them for lots of fun crafting and make believe play.



This is fairly self explanatory, but you have them count pom poms and then have them shape the number using a pipe cleaner. You can also have them use the pom poms to make the number. This simple activity is a great way to re-enforce numbers and to help them with motor skills. 

I'd say that pom poms and kids go together like peanut butter and jelly. After all that playing and brain activity, they will probably WANT a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.


Penguin Preschool Heart Craft


Since Valentine's Day is coming up soon, I thought it would be so fun to make a penguin craft using only hearts. I cut out all of the pieces and let the kids do the rest. It's great practice for hand/eye coordination to let them glue and place the shapes. Then they have even more practice as they hold a pen, crayon or marker to color the penguin. Last month we made a snowman craft that taught them letter recognition and helped with fine motor skills too.


And there you have it! With a few simple items that you might already have around the house, you too can create the pom pom preschool activity or the penguin craft! If you do either of these activities, snap a picture and post it to Instagram #peachtreedr. I love to see what my readers are doing! If you have other suggestions of pom pom preschool activities, please share them below.


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