Outdoor Christmas Decoration Projects

Outdoor Christmas Decorations

One of the best ways to make your decorations really come together is to have a theme that transitions from outside to inside. This year I decided to have a bit of a whimsical theme and focused only on red, green and white. I will show you how I was able to make my outdoor Christmas decorations have a cohesive look and what I did to decorate my small porch space.


Welcome Mat

""Outdoor Christmas Decorations welcome mat

Of course I had to start with my door mat. I found this adorable mat last year and I love it. The only problem is that it's a very small mat and it needed a little more oomph. So, I put my regular mat underneath and now it is not only cute it is also really functional.


Holiday Vignette

""Outdoor Christmas Decorations Vignette

This is my one little corner where I can actually make a design. So, I made a chalk art sign. Then I bought a garland at the craft store and wrapped it in red and green lights and draped it around the chalk board. I put some ornaments in the red basket and set it beside the Santa gift box to create a fun little story for everyone who comes to my door. 

Christmas Wreath

This project was really easy. I already had the jingle bell wreath that I have had for many years. At first I put the jingle bell wreath up on it's own but it wasn't big enough for the space. Then I thought to add this wreath behind it to give it more bulk and better curb appeal. It worked like a charm. I love that I can combine the two wreaths or take them apart and rework them any way that I want.  I love to have the option of changing my outdoor Christmas decorations from year to year. Combining these two wreaths is a perfect example of how I can do that!

Wreath for Porch Light

This porch light hangs just above and to the left of the Christmas vignette pictured above. It was looking really bare so i took another wreath and added the foam ornaments to it. Then I made a bow out of the same ribbon I used on my tree to make this easy and whimsical wreath. Another way for me to change my outdoor Christmas decorations without spending lots of money or time to do it.

Wreaths for the Garage

I have two identical wreaths that hang on either side of my garage door. I love that I was able to take a plain wreath and use a little tie to wrap the cute bow on it. Another really simple and festive way to match my outdoor Christmas decorations to the theme I was going for this year.


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