Nonalcoholic Margarita

Today on Instagram I participated in a "Spring Soiree" tour where we shared easy entertaining ideas that would inspire us to get outside and entertain!  With Cinco de Mayo coming right up, I thought this nonalcoholic margarita was the perfect drink to make.


Why a Nonalcoholic Margarita is the Perfect Party Drink


In my busy life entertaining needs to be simple and quick to prepare.  I want to enjoy visiting with people rather than spending all of my time in the kitchen.


These nonalcoholic margaritas can be prepared very quickly.  You could even mix he first two ingredients and prep the glasses ahead of time to make it even faster to throw together for a social gathering.


I think the bright refreshing flavors in this nonalcoholic margarita make it this perfect drink to carry you through spring and summer.  I have yet to meet a person that didn't like them.


With only a handful of ingredients it is so easy to whip up and kids and adults alike will love it.  If you are looking for more family friendly drinks check out this healthy juice or these other green drinks.


Non Alcoholic Margarita Recipe


nonalcoholic margarita






8 oz. limeade

4 oz. orange juice

1 1/2 c ice

coarse salt to coat glass

lime (optional for garnish)




1. Measure the limeade, orange juice and ice cubes into a blender

2.  Blend together until the ice turns into a slushy consistency.  Feel free to add more ice if you want it more slushy.  

3.  Prep a glass by dipping it in water and then on a plate of coarse salt.

4.  Pour the nonalcoholic margarita into the cup.

5.  Garnish with a lime.



If you make these nonalcoholic margaritas for your next gathering make sure to snap a picture and post it on Instagram and tag me @peachtreedrive so that I can see all the fun you are cooking up!


Do you like easy and quick entertaining ideas as much as I do?  Please share your favorite tips in the comments.

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