How to Cope When Life Gets Hard

Sometimes Life is Hard

This past week I went to the ER twice with my mom. I am also battling a really, really bad cold. Like so bad that one day I was driving my daughter to her class and I thought I was developing asthma because it was so hard to breathe!

Messy stair to show life is hard

The week got harder from there.

Up until this week I felt like things were going really well. I had tackled some big cleaning projects, I had energy, I felt optimistic, I felt ready to handle all the stresses and challenges of being a mother/wife/friend/daughter etc. etc. etc.

Sometimes its Hard For a Long Time

Then, this week happened. I was asked to help people in a unique situation, and I felt worried and scared about what was happening with my mom. I dragged myself around with barely enough energy to function.

Also because of all the crazy happenings my house has fallen apart and every where I look I see mountains of tasks and not enough time and strength to do them all.

We have all been there. There are those times that are just REALLY hard.

You Are Not Alone

So, I am writing this post to remind you that you are not alone! Sometimes those hard times last a lot longer than a week. From moment to moment I say multiple prayers to just make it through from moment to moment. 

 And you know what, it all works out. Even when I am in literally swimming in responsibilities and sickness and stress, I know that I don't need to despair.

There is a light inside of me, and it's in all of you too. It allows us to pull up the bootstraps and trudge through some extremely difficult and extenuating circumstances.

If I can just hold to that and focus on positive thinking then maybe I can avoid eating my weight in chocolate!
Here's to a better week for me and all of you.

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