Mint and Lavender Teen Bedroom Makeover

For my daughter's birthday she wanted to redo her room. We had a  budget of $125 to bring her teen bedroom dreams to life. Our starting point was a mint lavender theme with touches of gold added in.

The walls were already painted lavender so we didn't need to spend any money on paint, but we did spend some time retouching some of the spots using leftover paint from when we painted it before.


We started with some mint sticky paper that I had on stock so that she could make a cute sign to put on her bedroom door to introduce the new color scheme. She cut out the hearts and dots and wrote a greeting then stuck it to the door.


Next we wanted to look for bedding that would tie in the mint and lavender theme. We found the  chevron mint comforter on clearance at Shopko. She already had two of the white pillows and the purple pillow so I just helped her make slip covers to create the perfect lavender and mint bed using materials I already had on hand.

mint lavender


Next we placed the gold dots all across the wall to create a whimsical and chic focal point. We tied in the mint and lavender colors by adding paper flowers on the right and the light up star on the left.


Someone gave me the light up star as a gift and it was plain white. I traced the star to make a template so I could cut out the scrapbook paper to bring the mint color into this decorations. It's battery operated so she can add a little bit of light at night if she wants it.


We purposefully concentrated most of the gold dots to the left and then spaced them further apart to draw the eye to the fun paper flowers.


We used card stock that I already had on hand to cut out the different sized flowers. Her friend helped put them together. I think they are so fun and a very inexpensive way to add some texture to the space.


Underneath the flowers we placed a white organizing shelf that I had previously used in my craft room. We tried to bring the mint lavender theme into her every day items so that it would all coordinate nicely. Her clock, speaker and photo book add a pop of mint against the lavender wall.


On the other side of it we tied in the mint lavender theme by placing a clear vase with mint rocks in it next to a purple glass holder that she stores pencils in.


Here is a picture of the whole storage unit that is beside her bed. It serves as a nightstand and bookcase for her quickly growing book collection.


As you walk into her room there is one skinny wall to the left with her light switch. We didn't want anything bulky to block flow into her room. These wooden heart with the gold rim and ribbon made the perfect decoration for that space.


The mint lavender theme continues on into her closet. We found the storage baskets to keep all her beauty and hair products contained and she put some of her chapstick collectibles on display in front of them. 


She wanted some lights to go up in her room and the Target dollar spot really came through for us. This wall is what she sees when she is laying down on her bed. With the fun gold butterflies underneath it makes a really cozy feeling at night when it's all lit up. It's also a nice focal point over her dresser.


The dresser was gifted to us and with the gold accents it fits in nicely with the other decorations.


I redid the jewelry box the last time we decorated her room (which was a Paris theme). I painted it and decoupaged some fancy paper on it.


This picture doesn't show everything, but basically there is a purple tin that holds miscellaneous items and the gold case (with a zipper) that stores all her earbuds.


This canvas wall art was so fun to do. We looked on Pinterest for some inspiration and she finally decided on an ombre canvas and the mint lavender flower with a pop of gold.

For the ombre painting I just made tentative lines of paint for the different shades and then worked my way down from lightes to darkest. I only used two colors of paint and then added white and even mixed them together to create the varying shades. 

On the mint lavender flower I penciled in the design and then covered it over with the paint. It was so fun to do and really adds some fun color to that wall space at the end of her bed.



Here's another view of the bed with some cute arrows that I found on clearance and picked up because I knew they would come in handy somewhere. She has a vent going through her room so it makes the ceiling a bit odd shaped. The arrows turn that quirky feature into another opportunity to add to her mint lavender theme!


Here is the lavendar pouf I made for her space. I crocheted the exterior and had my mother in law help me sew a liner since my sewing machine is broken right now. I filled the liner with bean bag beads and sewed it closed. Then I placed the liner in the mostly completed pour and crocheted it in the rest of the way.



And there you have it! Our mint lavender makeover was so fun and allowed me to learn a few new things. It's always fun to have a challenge on a budget because it forces me to shop my own house, learn new skills and then get creative for the rest!



Money Breakdown for Mint Lavender Teen Bedroom Makeover

bedding  Shopko $30

gold dots  Habitat for Humanity $5

gold butterflies Habirtat for Humanity $5

clear vase TJ Maxx $2

mint rocks TJ Maxx $3

mint clock Walmart $5

purple pencil holder Target $3

gold case Target $3

twinkle lights Target $5

wooden heart Target $3

purple and white tins Target $2

canvas art supplies Michaels $7

mint storage baskets Michael's $8

Materials for Pouf Joann's Fabric $40

Total Spent $126


For more DIY home decor projects check out my fall or Christmas diy decor projects.  If you try any of these projects make sure to tag me on Instagram @peachtreedr. I'd love to hear your comments below too!


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