March Madness Activity

Do you have any basketball fans in your house? My husband loves the month of March and looks forward to it all winter long.  I never grew up watching sports so I learned a lot about the significance of March Madness from him.  Early on in our marriage he came up with a great way to involve our family in his love of this annual basketball tournament and today I'm sharing our March Madness idea with you.


Our March Madness Family Tradition


It's really simple and a fun way to involve the whole family without taking a lot of time or money to do.  We started out by visiting our local party store to find a March Madness trophy.


March Madness


Each year everyone in the family as a chance to fill out a bracket online.  We help the little kids to pick theirs but the older ones do it all on their own.


Once everyone has filled out a bracket we have each person write down a service or small gift that they will give to whoever wins the bracket at the end of the season.


These services are completely up to each person.  For our very youngest it is often something like "give hugs" or "sing a song" or something else that they can do.  We have had some years where people offer to make a favorite treat, give tickles, do chores or just spend time playing whatever the winner wants to play.

It's always fun to see what they come up with!

Then we fold up the pieces of paper and stick the inside the trophy.  The trophy is placed on top of our mantle for everyone to see during all of March Madness.

When it's all over and we know who the winner is we take down the trophy and have the read all the things they have "won."  Then they get to keep the trophy for a whole year and everyone has a two week time frame to complete their service.

It's such a fun and simple way to get everyone involved and I love that my husband was able to find a way to include our family in something that he is so passionate about. (Considering that he has been surrounded by all girls for most of our married life it's really quite a feat!).

Here's to hoping that our youngest likes basketball as much as his dad and if he doesn't, at least we have a super fun March Madness tradition that everyone really gets into.

Does your family have any fun March Madness traditions? I would love to hear about them.  If you decide to try out our idea take a picture and make sure to tag me on Instagram @peachtreedrive.

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