Before You Judge a Book by its Cover


Don't Judge a Book by its Cover

You have probably heard the saying "Don't judge a book by its cover" Today I want to talk about how that saying applies to how we should approach each other in our daily lives.

I have learned over and over again the importance of not trying to judge a book by its cover. I can't possibly recount all the times that I have made assumptions about people and then found out that they were completely and totally wrong.

It's always a humbling reminder that I don't know the entire story and I shouldn't assume, by the small glimpse that I get, that I even begin to understand another person and their essence.

Judge book by cover

This point was brought home to me again not long ago. I had the opportunity, through a short conversation, with a very wonderful lady to see her more clearly than I ever have before. That moment changed me and re-enforced the importance of not judging other people by only what I see.

My first introduction to this woman was through stories from her daughter. She sounded like a forward thinking person who forged her own path and didn't let anyone else dictate what she should or should not do.

I still remember the day we actually met in person. She introduced herself and spoke to me for a while immediately making me feel at ease, which is quite a talent I can assure you.

Over time we had many encounters where we touched lightly on subjects and came to know each other a bit more. My admiration for her increased equally in measure with the frequency of our conversations. From my viewpoint, she had everything going for her. All the things that I would desire to be and do as I mature. 

Then one day I made a passing comment about a celebratory event that had happened in her family. I never expected her response which has kept me pondering from that time on. She expressed a deep and raw sorrow that things had not gone according to her hearts desires. It was as if she was opening the pages of her soul and allowing me to glimpse inside. I was surprised and touched that she would share such vulnerable thoughts with me.

Of course, I didn't know what to say. I never do when I'm called on the spot. I'm the person who comes up with a perfect response, about three days later and after much ruminating. Despite my inadequacy of speech, I am glad that she shared with me. It reminded me that so many times we see the picture so differently when we are looking from the outside.

When we take the chance to truly connect with a person THAT is when we can see what their story really consists of, not just by glimpsing at the cover.

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