Haunted House Halloween Printable

Hello friends! I love Halloween and I love a good haunted house. When I was a kid my elementary school allowed all of the sixth graders to design their very own 3D haunted house. The finished projects were displayed in the library for the whole month of October. As I walked through and looked at all of the displays my love of all things haunted house was planted.

Free Haunted House Printable

So of course my first thoughts when deciding to do a printable my thoughts turned to spooky haunted houses. I love the ones that are a little quirky, spooky and fun. This would be the perfect printable to put in a frame, stick on your fridge, or put any other place your heart desires to put it. It would also be cute to give to a friend with a fun Halloween treat. The sky is the limit.  Click here to download it.

haunted house printable

I would love to see pictures on Instagram of how you used this printable. Make sure to add #peachtreedr so I can see it! You can also tell me in the comments below. Let me know if you liked this printable and want more like it.

What are your top icons for Halloween? Do you like the gory, spooky and hair raising decorations or do you prefer a more cute and light hearted approach? I'm just a (slight) bit obsessed with Halloween and always have been. I want to hear all about what you think of Halloween and how much (or how little) you decorate for it. I am always an advocate of doing what YOU like, not what someone else is trying to pressure you into doing.

This free printable is a great way to add a fun and festive touch without spending a lot of money or time decorating.

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