Flourish Right Now

I love to work in my garden and watch my plants as they flourish (grow in a healthy and favorable way) and bloom in the rich soil. Unfortunately in our lives we don't always have those ideal situations to grow and stretch the way that we'd like to.

Today I am going to share some ways to tweak the way that you think about your circumstances so that you can truly flourish wherever you are at in your journey, whether you have arrived at your ultimate destination or not or whether your surroundings seem ideal for growth.


Are You Flourishing In Your Life?

Right now as you read this, are you living the life you always dreamed of? Is everything exactly as you wished and hoped it would be? If so, you might as well close the browser and put this away. This post is not for you.

If you find yourself in an unexpected situation or dealing with something that you didn't want to deal with, then read on. I have found myself in that place a number of times in my life. Just to name a few (or the list would go on and on) there was the time I failed the driving test three times before I finally passed it, or the time when I graduated from college and spent six months looking for a job, or the time when I tried for three years to get pregnant and I got pregnant then had a miscarriage. Those are all times when I had to dig down deep and to really take a look at myself.

When You Are Not Flourishing

Many times I see people around me struggling and they want so desperately to be in another place or a different situation, but they aren't. That's why I've decided that it is a necessary survival skill to learn how to flourish where we are.

What does that mean exactly? It means that when things don't go the way we planned, or when we feel like everything is going wrong, we can learn how to survive and even grow in difficult circumstances. 

Ways To Flourish Regardless Of Current Circumstances

So, how do you and I do that exactly? The first thing we must do is believe in our potential! Whether it's failing a test (over and over) or dealing with a devastating loss, we need to know that we are capable of doing amazing things. 

I feel the love of God often in my life. I feel the love that He has for me and for you. I know that with Him in our lives, we can truly overcome all the challenges that life throws our way. Along with an understanding of our potential, we have to look for the good. It is so easy to focus on negative things and we have to train our minds to look for the good. Once we do, it is humbling and really amazing to see all the blessings that we have each day, even in the middle of challenges.

Another tip that has helped me is to shift my focus outward. Even in the midst of dealing with your own challenges, the chances are that many others are dealing with equally challenging things or experiencing some level of dissatisfaction in their lives. It's a good reminder that we aren't alone AND that there is more than our own troubles to think about.

Let's help each other to flourish where we are and maybe, just maybe when we are really strong and deeply rooted there will come a time when we can be transplanted to a better place.

Did you try any of these tips? Let me know your thoughts. I'd also love to connect with you on Instagram #peachtreedr

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