Essential Oil Cleaning Hacks

How Do Essential Oil Cleaning Hacks Help You?


I have been using essential oils in my cleaning routine for a little over a year.  In that time I have figured out a few essential oil cleaning hacks that make my life a lot easier.  Not only are they beneficial for our health, they smell amazing and I feel confident that I am using ingredients that won't cause harm to my family.



essential oil cleaning hacks


I grew up using essential oils for simple things like burns or cuts but I didn't really start to use them on a regular basis until I became a mom.


It was a real epiphany when I figured out that I could have all the great health benefits from using essential oils by incorporating them into my daily cleaning routine.  It's so easy and it really has made cleaning much easier in my every day life!


Essential Oil Cleaning Hacks 




I originally bought this oil when I heard about the benefits it has for cleaning the air.  My family has a lot of allergies and it's important to me to make our air as clean as possible to keep the allergies at bay.  It was an added bonus when I figured out how to use it to keep lots of things more clean and fresh.


  • Place a Cotton Ball in Shoes-  The first cleaning hack I tried was putting a drop of Purification on a cotton ball and sticking it in shoes.  If you have lots of stinky shoes at your house, this alone is reason to consider trying Purification.  It's a great way to eliminate odors.
  • Paper Towel in Garbage Can- We keep our garbage can inside a cabinet in our kitchen.  Before I used this tip I would sometimes open the cupboard to be assailed with really strong, unpleasant smells.  I figured if a little Purification could help with odors in smelly shoes, it was worth a try in the garbage can.  I use a paper towel and add 2 drops of oil.  Then I place the paper towel at the bottom of the can before I put the liner in.  Goodbye nasty smells!
  • Cotton Ball in the Vacuum- My friend shared this tip with me and I think it's my favorite way to use Purification.  I have a bagless vacuum so I just toss a cotton ball with a drop of Purification into the canister.  I actually look forward to this chore now because it smells so good while I am vacuuming.  
  • Use on dryer balls- Last year I also made the switch to using dryer balls.  One of my favorite benefits of having dryer balls is the ease of using essential oils with them.  I grew up using dryer sheets that made everything smell so nice and fresh.  Using dryer balls alone doesn't add in that comforting smell.  Enter in one of the best essential oil hacks I've enjoyed.  I add a drop of Purification oil to the dryer ball and my clothes smell great.  I also feel like it adds another layer of cleaning for the load that sat in the washer and got a bit musty smelling so I washed it again (and sometimes again).  Am I the only one who double washes loads?




Not only is the smell amazing (and I can't honestly say that about all essential oils) it has lots of great health benefits.  It is great to kill germs and at the same time you can get a boost to your immune system.  Thieves is the first thing that really made me excited about using essential oils in every day life.


  • Use on dryer balls- About half of the time I use Thieves oil for the dryer balls, particularly in the winter.  I like the smell a lot and I also feel like my family can use all the immune boosting power available to stave off all the winter sickness.
  • Clean out lunch boxes- Because there are no harmful ingredients in Thieves cleaner, I feel comfortable letting ALL my kids use it to clean with.  I immediately showed my school kids how to easily clean out their lunch boxes.  Once they take out all the containers I have them spray the inside of the lunch box and then wipe it out.  It's so easy and a great way to keep the lunch boxes clean so they are ready for the next day.
  • Spray on stuffed animals or upholstery- If your upholstery and stuffed animals need a little refresh or you need to sanitize after a sickness, this is the easiest way to do it.  I like to lightly spray the furniture and stuffed animals and then let them air dry.  It's such a simple way to sanitize and a real life saver when you need to clean fast.


I'm still figuring out all the best ways to use essential oils to keep my house clean.  I love the added layer of smell and health benefits that come from using them in these every day tasks.  


Do you have any great essential oil cleaning hacks that have made your cleaning routine better?  Please share in the comments below.  Also, if you use any of these tips let me know how it goes.  I'd love to see you tag me on Instagram with a picture of your favorite essential oil cleaning hacks.


Happy Cleaning!

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