Entryway Makeover For Just Over $100

I am happy to share this little project that I did in one day.  It is always amazing how such a simple change in my home can bring me so much happiness.  I am going to show you how I did an entryway makeover for less than $60 by "shopping" my house and reusing items in new ways.  



At the end of the post I will also list all of the items and what I paid for them to give you an idea of how much this look cost me.


Tips for saving money on your own entryway makeover

  • buy items over time
  • use coupons
  • shop sales
  • look at what you already have and see if you can use it in a new way!
  • try to have items that serve a double purpose when possible.



Entryway Makeover Checklist


If you walk straight into my front door there is this little nook to the right.  In the photo above you can see that there is a little hallway behind the nook.  The door on the right leads out to my garage.


So basically, my front door and my garage door are within 10 ft. of each other.  That means that we get a lot of traffic in this area and I needed a space that looked nice, but above all was FUNCTIONAL!


For my entryway makeover check list I wanted to have

  • a place to hang my keys
  • a place to store my sunglasses
  • hooks for visitor coats
  • a basket to hold miscellaneous items that are handy to have by the door
  • a place for visitors to set down their items
  • and something decorative to welcome people into our home!


entryway makeover


If you read the post where I talk about my command center, you can see that I already had the welcome sign and the decorative metal ornament above it.


Before my makeover I had a shoe storage box under the welcome sign.  It served the purpose of hiding all our shoes, but it didn't help with anything else on my checklist


I found the side table at TJ MAXX and I snatched it up because it was the perfect size!  This was the only thing I bought specifically for the entryway makeover.  Everything else was reused from another part of my house.



I love this surface because it is a place that visitors can set their purses or keys.  I also love the pop of pretty.  I wish that we could keep real flowers all around the house, but we have allergy sufferers.  So fake flowers are the next best thing.



This is the same welcome sign that I have had for a couple of years.  I love it because it serves multiple purposes.  It has enough hooks for keys, light coats and a nook above to hold sunglasses and little tools.



I knew when I saw this side table that I could fit a basket perfectly underneath.  I considered buying something with drawers, but it was WAY more expensive and my kids like to pull out drawers all the time.  It was simpler and less expensive to go this route.



Here is a peek into the basket.  I mostly use it to store diapers and wipes right now.  I also have neighbor kids set their shoes, jackets or other random stuff in the basket so we know right where it is.


So far the entryway makeover is going great!  It checked all my lists and I couldn't be happier that I only had to spend $55 to buy the side table that fits so perfectly into the space



Entryway Makeover Items


Side Table- from TJ Maxx $55

Welcome sign- Target $20

Purple flower- Target $20 (a splurge at the time, but I LOVED it!)

"hi" sign- Hobby Lobby $4 with a coupon

basket- given to me with a set as a gift but estimate it would be about $6

clock- Tai Pan Trading free with the purchase of another item

metal flower-  Michael's craft store $5 on sale

Metal Tin- Target dollar section $3

Fake Flowers- $4 with coupons!

Total Cost for this look $117


I think that it's a pretty good deal to have a project that is just over $100 that is so functional AND looks nice.  I still enjoy looking at it every time I walk by.  What do you think?  If you do a mini makeover at your house using any of my tips take a picture and share it on Instagram with #peachtreedr or tag me @peachtreedrive.  Happy decorating!



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