5 Easy DIY Decorations for Fall

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the changing leaves, the cooler temperatures, and pumpkin everything. I especially love to get creative and make diy decorations that I can change around from year to year.


By making them myself, I find that it's a lot easier to change my decorations from year to year. With these simple and inexpensive ideas you will be welcoming fall into your home in no time.

DIY Chalkboard Lettering

diy chalk lettering


I bought this chalk board in the dollar section at Target. It's the easiest way to change up my decor and only cost a little over a dollar (including the chalk). I like to get inspiration from other chalk art and then free hand my design. 

You can also print out a font and then cut it out and trace around it. Or maybe use stickers? The fun part is to be creative and go to town. You can always change it if you don't like it

Some times I let the kids draw something on the board. They are always so proud to display their artwork on the wall. Once you are finished with your design make sure that you use hairspray to coat it so the chalk stays in place!


Plate Charger

fall plate charger

Ok so this charger is not technically a DIY project, but it is a quick way to add some festive touches to your home without a whole lot of effort.

I ordered these Currier and Ives plate chargers on eBay. There is one for each season; spring, summer, fall, and winter. I love putting a little bit of vintage art in my decorative rotation. It reminds me of my childhood and adds a unique little touch. I set it on a cute easel and it adds the perfect touch of fall to that little nook.

The craft stores always sell seasonal chargers and if you use a coupon or wait for a sale you can buy them for a few dollars. If you want to make it into a diy project that is even cheaper, take a picture of some fall leaves, print it at Costco, and set it up on the easel. The options are really endless here.


DIY Flowers in a Tin

diy flower arrangement

I bought that little tin bucket for a dollar a few years back. I use it all the time to put cute decorations in or cutlery for parties. I stuffed the bottom with a brown grocery bag to add some fill. Then I took some left over flowers I had from a wreath I made last year. I arranged them on top of the grocery bag and put it up on a shelf. Altogether this project also ended up costing about $1.50 total.


Fall Bird Cage

bird cage

I really love cages and containers. I am always hunting around to find cute containers that I can use for parties and decorating. It's so easy to grab any container you have and turn it into a fall decoration. I found the burlap leaves at my local Dollar Tree. I knew that I could find lots of uses for them.

I wound one leaf around the front of the cage. Then I took some orange moss that I had leftover from another project and placed that at the bottom of the cage. I raided my stash of pine cones (that my kids and I collect on walks) to pile on top and voila, you have a cute, inexpensive front porch decoration.


DIY Pumpkin Wreath

diy pumpkin wreath

Once again I found this cute, plain pumpkin with chicken wire at my local craft store. It was on clearance and I knew that it would make a great fall decoration. Since I like to change up my decorations a lot, I thought it would be fun to use orange tulle to make a monogram. I just poked it through the wires and weaved it in and out (only through the back side) so that it doesn't look messy from the front.
I tied a little bow at the top and added a few more of the burlap leaves from the dollar store. I think it's a nice change from a traditional wreath and it makes a nice contrast to my wood door.

I hope that these simple fall crafts inspire you to look around at what you already have and maybe take a trip to your local craft or Dollar store to find a few small things that will spruce up what you already have. Happy fall and happy decorating. I'd love to hear how you reuse decorations or make inexpensive decor for the fall. Please leave any questions or comments below! I'd also love to see your decorations on Instagram #peachtreedr

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