2 Ingredient Cloud Dough

This cloud dough recipe is really fun to play with. It's great to use as a sensory activity, for a birthday party like I show in my son's dinosaur party or any time you feel like you need a quick prep activity to do with your kids!


4 c all purpose flour

4 oz. baby oil

How to Make Cloud Dough

You will need some all purpose flour and baby oil (in this post I used bath oil because that's what I had on hand). I have also used baby oil and I think vegetable oil would make a great substitute if that's what you have.

flour and oil


First you will measure the flour and put it into a bin (I got this one at the dollar store)

flour in bucket


Then you will pour the oil over the flour. If you want to color your dough, mix some food coloring in with the oil before adding it to the flour.

oil dumped into flour


I had a big popsicle stick that I used to stir it all together initially.

flour and oil mixing


At first it will look really dry and lump like this picture. Once it looks like this you can get in with your hands and more evenly distribute the oil.

cloud dough unmixed


Keep mixing with your hands until it starts to take more shape and form if you squeeze it together. Then it's done.

cloud dough mixed


Now it's time to play! I recommend playing with it outside because it can get really messy. If you do keep it in the house, it does vacuum up really well. We've played with it inside and out. Since it was a warm day, we took it out to the patio.

toddler playing with cloud dough

It's the longest I have seen him hold still for a while. 


Let me know if you make this cloud dough and if your kids enjoyed it. We love finding easy and engaging activities to keep ourselves busy during the cooler months. Share your pictures on Instagram and make sure to add #peachtreedr so that I can see you play!



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