Christmas Card Holder Tutorial

When I was in 6th grade I won a Christmas felt tree that had pockets on the sides. I used it as a Christmas card holder for many years. One year I pulled it out of the box and realized it was all worn out.   I knew I needed a new card holder that was inexpensive and could be made quickly.


Christmas card holder

So I came up with this craft with items I already had on hand. This is a tutorial for a quick card holder that is easy to put together and take apart for a very versatile holiday decoration. 

How to Make a Christmas Card Holder

Here are the items you will need for this project:  (double sided glue dots not pictured).

tin hanger, scrapbook paper and ribbons craft supplies

A hanging tin frame. I found mine at Walmart for $5. Then you will need some Christmas ribbon and coordinating Christmas paper. You will want a pencil and scissors to cut out your letters and some mini clothes spins to hold the cards on the frame.

I traced the letters on the back of my paper reversed so that they would be facing the right way when I flipped it over. Then I cut out the letters and glued them on the solid color. I used lots of glue dots to attach it to the tin board.

paper and scissors

Next I attached the ribbons with double sided tape. If you want a more permanent hold, you can use a hot glue gun. I wanted to reuse the metal sign for other things, so I just used the double sided tape.

The finishing touch is to add some cute miniature clothespins. I found these festive Christmas pins in the dollar section at Target. They add the perfect finishing touch.

Christmas card holder

I also like to take the clothespins and hold the cards on around the sides when I start getting a lot. I think the ribbon is strong enough to hold 2-3 cards if they are spaced out. If you start getting more, just put them around the perimeter of the board. So cute and really easy to do!

Share your own version of this Christmas card holder on Instragram #peachtreedr. 


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