Cat Ears Tutorial

Are you looking for the finishing touch to your cat (tiger, dog, mouse, bear, lion etc.) costume? Look no further. If you have 15 minutes and know a few basic sewing skills then this cat ears tutorial will show you how to make the cutest headband for any number of costumes.

With the technique I share in this step by step cat ears tutorial (with pictures) you will have the ability to make any number of headbands to fit your costume needs. We had a Halloween party to attend and my daughter wanted these cat ears to add the finishing touch to her costume.

Somehow with the rush of feeding everyone, finding treat bags and getting 4 children costumed,  I was able to make and take pictures for this cat ears tutorial. I took lots of pictures and made the instructions very detailed. If you do have any questions, please feel free to write them in the comments.


cat ears.png


Cat Ears Tutorial



First you will need thread to match your material and a sewing needle. Any size of needle you want to use will work here.


 catearstuff.jpg  catearband1.jpg

You will want to have your material, trim and sewing scissors. Also a plain headband that's between 1/2-1" wide. 



First you are going to cut out 2 circles.The size of the circles depends on how big you want your ears to be  The material will end up about half that length and a quarter of the width.  You want to make sure that your ears are proportionate to the headband you get.  I made my circles about 3 inches around. Don't worry if it isn't a perfect circle, you will be sewing around and can cover that up!



Take the first circle and fold it in half so that it looks like a taco. Take your threaded needle and start to sew all around the curve of the material.



Start with the thread on the inside of the material so that you can cover the knot. Then just do a whip stitch back and forth making sure to grab both pieces of material.



When you are almost done you will pull the thread tight.



Then it will look like this. Make sure that you sew back and forth a few times at the bottom to make it really secure.



This is what it will look like when you are finished sewing. I used very stretchy material because that's what I had on hand. I have made ears before with a stiffer quilting fabric. The pointed part was a lot more distinct with the other material.  So, choose material according to the look you are going for.  Make sure that you keep the thread  on for the next step.



Now it's time to add the trim. My trim was so thick that it really covered up the ears. If I had more time, I would have gotten a thinner fur, but it still worked. Sew back and forth making sure that you catch the fabric and the core of the fur. Sew all the way around.



Cut off the extra fur.  Keep the thread on so that you can sew the next step. If you don't want to sew it, you can always use a hot glue gun as well. I have done it both ways.



Prop the headband up or hold it in your hands to attach the ear. You can either eyeball the ears or mark them. I was in a time crunch so I just eyeballed them. Eh, I would have done that either way, I'm kind of lazy like that. 


cat ears tutorial

Repeat the process for the other ear and attach it to the headband. Stand back and enjoy your handy work.

Really the possibilities are endless with this cat ears tutorial. I'm thinking Mickey, bear, lion, dog, and so many other ears could be made using this same basic technique. If you want more of a shape, you can use cardboard or some other sturdy material to put in between the fabric before you start sewing. 

Let me know if you have any questions or share your ideas for how to make other cute ears with this tutorial. Please share your creations on Instagram and tag #peachtreedr. I'd love to see it!

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