Gift Ideas for Active Kids 10 and Under

I have to admit that I dread winter a little bit. I have 3 young children who get a bit stir crazy during the cold weather and so I have tried to find creative ways for them to stay active during the time when it's too cold to play outside for any great length of time.

Gift Ideas for Active Kids

The gifts I'm sharing today are all items that we have bought, love and used to keep our kids healthy and active year round. In no particular order, I'm sharing the toys that we have used MOST!

1.Wiggle Car- Every kid who comes to our house wants a ride! They are fun and provide hours of endless riding up and down the street. In the winter I even let my toddler bring it into the house to ride around as a special treat once in a while. Some of my cutest pictures are of my toddler "driving" his big sister around on the car. Precious memories have been made with this car.

2.Mini Trampoline- All of my kids love to have a go on the trampoline. We actually took the bar off and just use the base of the trampoline. It's small enough that I keep it in our main family room for the kids to bounce on while I am doing dishes, making dinner or other household tasks. We made a rule that only one person jumps at a time and my kids have been so good at obeying that rule. All their friends think it's great that we have a trampoline inside.


3.Bounce Ball- Kids and bouncing seem to go hand in hand. This smaller bouncing ball has been a great toy to have during the cold weather months when we don't get out to run around as much as we'd like to.  With this bouncing ball they can bounce to their hearts content!

4.Walk on Piano- This piano is so fun for kids. They play songs by hopping around from note to note. There is also a mode that just plays music that they can dance to. My kids love playing with it together. I think it's a great way to encourage cooperation and other social skills. It's also a great way to encourage them to dance and move around as they create music. Every kid I know loves music and with this toy they don't have to know a lot about music to just have fun.

5.Scooter- We have really enjoyed the scooters that we have. Every day that the weather is nice you can find my kids riding scooters up and down the road. My toddler likes to follow behind on the wiggle car. The best part about these scooters is that they are lightweight. That means we can toss them in our car and take them to the park, camping, our friends house, or any other place we dream up. The scooters are definitely one of our most loved toys.


6.Roller skates/blades- When my daughter said she wanted to learn how to skate we started researching different options. We decided to buy these skates that can be converted to blades by simple sliding out the wheels.  They work great for recreation to ride around the neighborhood and our local skate rink. I never get tired of watching my kids develop new skills, especially when I know it's challenging for them. 


7.Big Frisbee- We got a giant disc (not this exact one) to celebrate the beginning of summer. Little did I know that it was going to become a family favorite! ALL of my kids loved our disc so much that I had to go back and buy a few more. They love playing regular frisbee, hot potatoes, or frisbee golf. They also have competitions to see who can throw it the furthest. Really, the possibilities are endless. I can't express how happy I am when I stumble on something that encourages my kids to play outside, socialize with each other and to be active! Win. win. win.


8.Snowman Building Kit- My kids and I look forward to the tradition of building a snowman every year. As soon as we get our first real snowfall you will find us outside building a snowman (or a whole family). We got a snowman building kit many years ago that made it extra fun to build our snowman. I found this cute kit online and I thought it was so festive and reasonably priced. Driving down the streets seeing all the snowmen in the yards definitely brings a smile to my face.

9.Walkie Talkies- We bought these walkie talkies a few years ago. Our kids have had so much fun playing with them! They really enjoy taking them to different floors and trying to send messages to each other through the walkie talkies. They like to play spies or laugh at each other as they send goofy messages through. If your kids are hard on toys (like mine) you might want to consider getting walkie talkies that have a really durable antennae. A few times I have had to reattach the antennae's back on. Also, the sound quality is not as clear as really good quality walkie talkies, but for our purposes they work great. Maybe when they are older and can take care of things better I will get them some that are more expensive. 

10.Stepping Stones- These colorful stepping stones are great for encouraging active play and help with balance and coordination. These simple buckets encourage so much imaginative play. It's fun to see all the different ways that my kids incorporate them into play. Sometimes they are crossing a river, or hot lava, or crossing a narrow bridge above a deep ravine. 



And there you have it! A list of 10 tens that our kids have enjoyed using that help them to stay active all year long. What are your favorite toys for active kids? Do you have a favorite that I didn't list? Please share. I'd also love to see pictures of your kids using any of their favorite active toys on Instagram #peachtreedr

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