St. Patrick's Day Decorating Tips

Today I am sharing some St. Patrick's Day decorating tips, but really they can apply when you are decorating for lots of things.  I like to decorate for all the holidays in some way or another. My kids love to decorate and create a festive atmosphere and I love to change things.  Even though I like celebrating holidays, I don't always like to spend a lot of time or money decorating for every holiday.  

Over the years I have figured out a few tips that allow me to decorate anything from holidays to parties or other special events in a way that is fun for me and allows my kids to feel involved.  Today I will share my St. Patrick's Day decorating tips that can universally apply to anything you want to decorate for.


St. Patrick's Day Decorating Tips


Have a few decorations that are kid friendly.  I learned early on that it was a good idea to have a few decorations set aside that the kids could touch, hold and even play with.  I don't know about you, but my kids want to be into everything that I am doing. By giving them a few special decorations to be in charge of they learn about responsibility, taking care of things and can use their imaginations to do whatever they want with those decorations.

This year I bought golden coins and let them use my miniature black pot that I got from a party many years ago. It's a great decoration for them to interact with and then we put it up high when they are finished with it.


I found the cute little white bird cage at a craft store a few years back. I love to put bright colored decorations in it. This time I filled with with foam clovers from the Dollar Tree.  The cauldron is a perfect example of a decoration that my kids can play with and then we put it back up high when they are done.


Look for inexpensive decorations.  So most of my tips have resulted from having kids and this tip is no exception. I try to find things that don't cost a lot of money because I have small kids who are still in the destructive phase.  If I don't spend a lot of money on the decorations I am not too sad if they get broken.  I don't only buy inexpensive decorations, but for a holiday like St. Patrick's Day I don't invest a lot of money.

Typically I like to check out the Dollar Tree about two months before a holiday to see what holiday decor they have.  If you plan to go early then you will have the best possible selection.  Holiday items go pretty fast.  Once I have tried the Dollar Tree I like to look around at a few other local places (including the Target dollar spot) to fill in whatever else I want to get.  

I know the hat and the gold coins are a bit bright, but my kids really love them!


Another great way to get inexpensive decorations is shopping the holiday AFTER it passes, but it's very hit and miss.  I wrote a whole post with some of my basic strategies for shopping clearance.



Pick a focal point.  Have one (or a few) spots that you concentrate your efforts on. In my case I picked 3 focal points to decorate for St. Patrick's Day.  I picked my front door/entryway, my fireplace mantle, and my main bathroom.  Those are the places that are seen a lot so they are good places for me to concentrate my efforts on.


My kids hid my high quality chalk so I had to make do for this sign. If you want to do chalk art, you can read my chalk 101 tips here.


I love this wreath and I think it transitions nicely from St. Patrick's Day to spring.



Layer your decorations.  This is when it starts to get fun!  I like to imagine that I am telling a story with the way that I group my decorations.  Just like you add layers to make a room more interesting, you can layer your decorations.  I think it's fun to create little vignettes that feel complete with items that pair well together.

I think this  is one of the most important of my St. Patrick's Day decorating tips since I don't have a lot of decorations for this holiday.  In order to make the most impact, it is really important for me to layer and group items together.


I started with the coins, pot and a few clovers.



Then I added the backdrop clover.


 St. PAtrick's Day decorating tips

And here I added the white cage to fill it in a bit.


Don't be afraid to change things around.  When I decorate I almost inevitably move things around.  When I made my outdoor St. Patrick's Day sign, I originally intended for it to sit outside my front door.  Fast forward a few days and I realized that wasn't going to work this year.  You see, I have a toddler who loves to get his hands on everything and he kept pulling everything off my sign.


Instead I decided to make it the backdrop for my decorations on the mantle. I have to share that space with a tv, game console and all the accessories that come with those.  Since I had to work around all of those items, I decided to only decorate one side of the mantle and to make it a bigger display that was proportional to the size of the fireplace.  Also, it keeps the decorations up and out of reach of the toddler.


Have a common theme that ties everything together.  In this instance my theme was basically green, gold and clovers. I made sure that each of the focal point areas have green, gold and clovers.  That helps to create a cohesive feel even though some of my decorations are a bit more sparkly or use different styles of materials.



Collect some neutral items that you can reuse from season to season and year to year.  I love adding pops of white, silver, gold or black to my seasonal decorations.  I have used buckets, bird cages, lanterns and similar items from year to year and change them up by popping in some seasonal decor. It's a very budget friendly way to decorate.

The wooden board on the left is actually a cork board on the other side. I first used it in my son's nursery and now I am using it for this decoration.  I am still deciding what to put on the other side so that it can be a dual decoration.  




And those are a few of my St. Patrick's Day decorating tips that can really apply to decorating for any season, party or event.

Do you have any other St. Patrick's Day decorating tips (or general decorating tips) to add to the list?  I always love to hear the ideas and solutions that other people come up with.

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