Easter Printables

This time of year is very significant for me.  I have always loved spring because it has been such a wonderful physical reminder of much deeper spiritual truth.  I wanted to make Easter Printables that reflected that.


Every year I look forward to seeing the first green plants pop out of the ground.  I anticipate the time when the trees will start to bloom and I turn my face upward as the sky warms everything up after the long, long winter.


Six years ago my perspective and appreciation for the hope that comes with spring was tested and strengthened when my dad very unexpectedly passed away right at the beginning of the season.


Suddenly everything I had believed was put into question and I had to determine for myself if I truly believed that we could have hope in celebrating the ressurection of Jesus Christ.


For me that was a time when I realized that I truly did believe all the things that I had learned and that I could find peace and hope in Him.


That is why at this season the 3 best words that I can think to bring me happiness and delight are "He is Risen."  That simple and true declaration rings true to my heart and makes me want to share that knowledge with the world.


So I have created two Easter printables with these words.  They can be framed, put on the fridge or set any other place that you can think of.



Easter Printables


Easter Printables


click here to print this one





click here to print this one



If you use either of these Easter printables I would love to see what you do with them.  I love to inspire and get inspired by YOU.  


Thanks for stopping by and reading some of my thoughts about three of the most important words to me.


Happy Easter

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