Easter Home Tour

This year I am happy to share my first ever Easter home tour!  My goal was to keep my decorations simple.  I also decided to challenge my creative juices by reusing decorations that I already have and finding new ways to bring them to life.


I've talked about it before, but I'll say it again.  I think its really smart to find a few key pieces that you love and can use in different spaces throughout your home and from season to season.  I think it's fun to find new ways to use these same things.  


Without further ado, I'd like to welcome you in to see my Easter home tour!


Outdoor Easter Home Tour


Easter home tour


I started off by changing out my welcome mat to this colorful mat that I just love.  I have a small porch space so my mats are the biggest way for me to change things around.  




Then I put together this easy, nontraditional wreath by using stuff from my craft closet. I don't want to make it permanent, so I just used glue dots to hold everything together.  It's holding up surprisingly well.


Indoor Easter Home Tour




Then I dressed up this "E" that I got a LONG time ago in the clearance section at Hobby Lobby with a cute little nest with moss and a tiny chick.  I thought about making it into a wreath, but I really like the one that I have up right now.  Maybe next year?  




I used a few more of the chicks to display this kid friendly and interactive decorations. I ALWAYS, ALWAYS have something for the kids to play with.  I want them to feel like there is something they can play with at the same time that I teach them to respect my decorations.



I dressed up our movie cabinet by creating a little bunny vignette with a boxwood garland, eggs, my galvanized tin house and two Easter baskets.




Last on the Easter home tour is the mantle.  Every holiday or season I try to find a compromise between having all the game/movie accessories available (but hidden) and my cute decorations on display.  I look forward to the day when I can call this space my own, but for now I'm learning to share.




I got this idea for making a no sew fabric bunny to stick in this container.  My hands were covered in krazy glue by the end of the project, but I think it turned out nice.





Hiding behind that is my fun bird cage that I change around for every holiday.  It's one of the classic pieces that I love to change around every few months.




I recently bought this white pitcher as another classic piece that I can play around with.



I also added in my giant bunny to cover the wii (or at least make it less noticeable).  I like to change things around a bit while I am decorating to figure out how to hide the most cords and other unsightly stuff.


That's it for my Easter home tour!  I hope my easy craft projects and decorations inspire you to look around your house and see how you can use something in a new way or paired with something else to create a fresh, spring look!  


If you enjoyed my Easter home tour, you may want to check out these other spring decoration posts.











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