Easter Decor DIY

This year I wanted to refresh some of my Easter decorations.  If you have read any of my other holiday decorating posts, you know how much I love to change my decorations from year to year.  So, I created a simple Easter decor DIY project.


The  catch is that I don't want to spend a lot of time or money on new decorations, so I am always trying to find creative ways to use what I have and to supplement with inexpensive items for a big impact with minimal effort.


Today I'll share this fun decorations I made using items I mostly had on hand with a few things that I picked up at the Dollar Tree.  I love to check out their craft section and holiday aisle any time I am thinking up a new project.


This time they didn't disappoint.


This is what my finished project looks like.  It makes me feel excited for spring!



Easter decor DIY Supplies




Garden style container

green floral foam (the kind used in fake flower arrangements)

green moss

spring fake flowers

plastic eggs

Easter figuring (optional but I think it really gives the decor personality)



exacto knife or plastic knife to cut foam

hot glue or other strong glue (only if you want to make this a permanent decoration)



Simple  Easter Decor DIY project



First I cut the foam to fit inside the container.  



I couldn't find my exacto knife so I used a plastic knife.  It worked surprisingly well!



Then I filled in the gaps.  It was ok that they weren't perfectly lined up because they were all getting covered up.  I really like to have different levels too for added variation.




Next I added the moss and covered all the styrofoam.  NOTE- if you want this decoration to last a long time you will want to glue down the styrofoam and then glue the moss on top of it.  


I did NOT glue mine together because I want to have the option of taking the different elements and reusing them in something else later.


Easter decor DIY


And now it's time for the really fun part- adding all the layers.  I started with some greenery and stuck it into the foam so that it could stand up.  Next I placed the eggs where I wanted them.


Then I filled in with the smaller flowers and placed the bunny figurine.  If you look closely you will see that the bunny doesn't have any ears.  Check out my story on Instagram to see why I keep it around anyway.



Here is my finished Easter decor DIY project.  I think it's fun, a little different and best of all only cost me $1 to make!  


Stay tuned for a few more fun Easter decorations I am making.  Also, you can check out my tutorial for how to print on fabric and see how you I created a Christ names printable to make it.


If you make your own Easter decor DIY project, I want to see it.  Tag me on Instagram @peachtreedrive


Happy crafting!






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