Christmas Decorations

I love decorating for the holidays. This year I decided to go with a red, green and white theme for my Christmas decorations. To see how I carried the theme to my outdoor Christmas decorations click here

I like to switch out my decorations for different themes every so often. Some years I feel like having a bit more of a whimsical style (like this year). Sometimes I want an all out traditional look and other times I love a natural/rustic look. Over the years I have been able to gather different things that allow me to change my look from year to year.

I'm really excited to share a few idea for how you can take items from around your house or find a few inexpensive items at your local craft store to create this bright, festive and whimsical look.  I hope these simple projects inspire you to create something that will match your decorating scheme without having to spend a small fortune to get the look you want.


Easy DIY Christmas Decorations



Christmas decorations

I found this cute wooden cutout in the dollar section at Target. I love that it is so easy to customize and if I want to change it up it won't be very hard. I found a glitter foam star in my craft supplies and attached it.  Then I used some puffed white stickers to write the words "silent night." It literally only took me a few minutes to put together and just over $3 counting the supplies I had bought previously.


Jingle Bell Garland

This jingle bell garland is hanging over the arch that leads into my kitchen and great room. I bought an inexpensive plain garland and the cute jingle bell garland after Christmas in the mark down section at my craft store. This year I wrapped the jingle bells around the green garland to create the perfect feel for my red, green and white Christmas decoration theme.


Hand Sewn Stockings


My mom started this tradition by making me and my siblings our own personalized stockings for Christmas when I was very little (mine is the soldier girl). So when we had our first baby I decided to carry on the tradition and I made my husband and daughter a stocking. As each child came along I sewed them a stocking too.  Using my stocking as a guide, I came up with different themes for each persons stocking. 

Some day I might buy or sew another set of stockings that are matching and fit my other holiday themes, but I love the sentiment of these stockings, so for now they stay.

If you want to make stockings the most economical way is to use the same material for each of the stockings so that you can use a coupon to buy one cut. Then buy the embellishments over time, using coupons, so that you have a nice variety of craft supplies to choose from.  I used felt as the base for each one and then I use all kinds of supplies like sequins, glitter glue, buttons, ribbons, pom poms, gold trim etc. to give the stockings a finishing touch.


Christmas Tree Countdown

My kids love sticking up the different "ornaments" for the Christmas tree. I love that each of the pieces helps to tell the story of Jesus' birth and helps us to remember why we are celebrating this Christmas season. The most challenging part is finding some of the pieces that go with the countdown. The most economical way to make something like this is with a group because some of the items can only be purchased in bulk. 

Felt Ho Ho Ho

Felt has definitely been my crafting "go to" this year. I really love these "Ho,ho,ho" felt pieces that my mom made years ago. When she was downsizing she gave them to me. They are simple but also so fun and festive. She used quilt batting in between the pieces and sewed them together with a machine. They are durable and classic. 

Santa Tin Arrangement

I have this tin bucket that moves around my house and I thought it was the perfect base for this cute arrangement. I used some greenery that I had on hand, a stocking to stuff in the bottom, and then a little green floral foam to stick in all the other pieces that I got last year at a Christmas decorations sale.

Ornament Monogram


If you saw my post about Halloween decor then you might recognize this "E". I think it's so fun to find some new little decoration to add the festive touch to this year round decoration that is near my entry way. These little hand made felt ornaments were the perfect touch this year. 


And there you have it! A few quick and inexpensive ways to make your Christmas decorations merry and bright so that you can focus your energies on celebrating this season in all the ways that are meaningful for you. In my book that means spending lots of time with my family, baking together, crafting together, singing songs together, serving others together and feeling grateful for all the blessings that we have!

What are your favorite ways to celebrate the holidays? If you decide to make one of these projects please share your results on Instagram #peachtreedr. Also if you need more detailed instructions or have questions about any of these projects leave your comments below. 

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