Christmas Countdown DIY Tutorial

Growing up my mom didn't buy the chocolate Christmas countdown calendars that are displayed at almost every check stand at this time of year. (Does anyone else think it's weird when they sell those at the tire store or a hardware store?) Instead, we got to make our very own Hershey kiss countdown. Of course we always used the Christmas colored kisses to make our individualized chocolate countdown.

I loved the tradition so much that I have continued it with my kids. This year we are deviating just a little from the constant kisses and using a mix of mini chocolates instead. The idea is still the same and could be applied to lots of different items really. I chose the mini chocolates for their festive wrappings, variety of flavors and the size.

Christmas Countdown Supplies List

Christmas countdown supplies

For this activity you will want to have

2 bags of mini chocolates in festive wrapping

1 box plastic wrap

Curly ribbon in color of choice (I usually do red and green)

Cute Printable Saying that you can download by clicking here I recommend that you print it on durable card stock.


stapler (to staple the Printable at the top)


Steps to Make a Chocolate Christmas Countdown

Step 1

ribbon for Christmas countdown

First you want to cut up 26 ribbons for each Christmas countdown that you are planning to make. I was able to make 3 with the two bags of candy.


Step 2

Next you will pull out a long strip of the plastic wrap and leave it uncut.


Step 3

Place the candies in the middle of the plastic wrap and line them up vertically with just a little space in between each one. Once they are all placed you can cut the plastic wrap.

Step 4

Fold over the plastic  first on one side and then the other.  Make sure to overlap them the wrap until all of the candy is covered. 

Step 5

Now it's time to get the pieces of cut ribbon and start tying the ends and then between each candy. I usually start from one end and work my way to the other end. 


If you didn't cut the wrap long enough, no worries. In this picture I needed to add a little bit at the end so I just overlapped it with the previous candy and tied the ribbon to secure them together.

Step 6

Once the entire length is tied with ribbons you can staple the "Days 'Til Christmas) sign at one end. 

Step 7

I hung ours on a wall  high up so they can dangle down. I quickly realized that with my toddler around I'm going to have to keep his Christmas countdown up high so he doesn't try to eat it all at once. 


And there you have it! A much tastier version of the chocolate Christmas countdown that you might find in the checkout line. This countdown is so versatile.


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