Christ Names Printable

I love Easter because it is a time when the world is coming to life again after the long winter and it is such a beautiful reminder of the promise of new life as I celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  I wanted to create a Christ names printable to use during this special season.

For the past year I have been studying the names of Christ and how they teach me more about his characteristics.  I feel like I have barely brushed the surface, but it is a rich and satisfying topic.  After I wrote down all the different references to Him, I decided it would be neat to create a Christ names printable.


If you want to learn how to print on fabric to make your own wall hanging, check out this post I wrote about it.


Christ Names Printable


Christ names printable

Click here to print


Make sure that if you print this you make sure to set your printer to the landscape setting.  It doesn't work very well if you keep it in the portrait setting.  (Don't ask me how I know that!)


I hope that if you use this Christ names printable that you will be able to reflect on the different characteristic traits of Christ and that it inspires you in your journey as it has for me.


I would love to see how you use this and if you enjoy this printable.  I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below or you can take a picture of how you use this printable and post it on Instagram with #peachtreedr


I truly hope that as you see all these different names of Christ you will deepen your understanding of Him and have an even more meaningful season.  Happy Easter! 


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