DC Travel in 2 Days

DC Travel-What to do if You Have 2 days

My husband recently surprised me with a chance to fulfill my DC travel dreams. We spent two wonderful days in DC.  I hope to go back again some day because there are so many amazing things that we couldn't fit in this time. Whether you have only a few days to visit our Nation's Capitol or longer, read on to find some useful tips and my list of the places you should put at the top of your list to see!

How Planning Can Help Your Day Run Smoother

Do you sometimes wish that you could start the day over again? In esscence "refresh" the day like we refresh a page when it's not working right.  Sometimes I fall into the thinking pattern that my day is not going well and therefore it will continue that way. No matter how many times I tell myself that, it simply isn't true. With proper planning we can make our days go smoother, even if everything doesn't go exactly as planned.

Technology; the good and the bad

Explosion of technology

I feel like I was born at a time when I have quite literally seen each end of the spectrum for technology use. I was a teenager the first time I was introduced to the internet and chat rooms. I received my first cel phone in college and didn't have a smart phone until I had five years of mothering under my belt. I was even able to sign up for gmail with my OWN name!