3 Essential Oil Blends that have positively benefited me and my family

Using Essential Oils

I have been using essential oils since I was a kid. My dad was always into natural and home remedies and he often kept a bottle of tea tree oil in the cupboard to help with minor cuts and scrapes. As I became a mother to young children, I found other uses for oils that helped them with digestion and eczema.

Food Storage Starter Guide

You may have decided that you want to start working on your food storage, but you have no idea where to start or how to pay for it. I'm here to share my thoughts about buying food storage and the best kinds of food to store.

I'm not an expert in the field, but I have been buying food storage for 15 years. Over that period of time I have figured out a few things that have helped me to buy and use food storage for my ever changing family. I hope my trial and error experiences will help others to avoid some of my mistakes.

Spaghetti Sauce-Garden Fresh (Meatless Option)

Doesn't it seem like the tomatoes all ripe at the same time and suddenly you have a bushel of tomatoes that you don't know what you are going to do with? I know that has happened to me a few years in a row. This year I really didn't want to can any tomatoes so I decided to come up with a new spaghetti sauce recipe.

My kids would eat spaghetti at least 4 times a week if I let them, so I figured it was a safe bet that we could use all the tomatoes to make spaghetti sauce. 

Healthy Lunch Ideas

I have mentioned before that I don't love lunch time. It's hard to find the time and the motivation to prepare a healthy lunch and actually sit down to enjoy it. Realistically, I am usually running around taking care of my kids.

That is why I wanted to share some easy, healthy lunch ideas that I have really used. They take very little prep work and they offer some much needed energy to avoid the afternoon slump. It is my busiest time of day.

3 Healthy Lunch Ideas

Option 1

Instant Pot Chicken

There are lots of recipes that call for cooked chicken. Yes, you can boil it or even throw it in the slow cooker. I think this recipe for instant pot chicken results in the most juicy, flavorful and tender chicken that I have ever made. It also cuts down the cooking time a lot. If you have an instant pot, try this recipe and tell me if it's the most juicy and tender cooked chicken you have made.