Creamy Chicken Italian Pasta in an Instant Pot

This Creamy Chicken Italian Pasta is a delicious, fast, family friendly meal that my family loves. It's easy to add extra nutrition by serving with whole grain pasta and adding in some optional spinach at the end.

I love to make meals that are nourishing and don't take a lot of time. This Creamy Chicken Italian Pasta fits both of those criteria and on top of that my family absolutely loves it.

Save Money Shopping Clearance With These Tips

Save Money Shopping Clearance

Initially the idea of shopping clearance might seem like a no brainer, but as with most things regarding money and how we spend it, there is a lot more to it than you might think.Today I wanted to share with you some of my tips and strategies for how to save money shopping clearance items.

save money shopping clearance


Youtube Channels For Active Kids

How to Encourage Active Kids in the Winter

Winter is a wonderful season but it does pose some challenges for active kids and their parents.  Kids are made to move around and when it's really cold or snowy outside they can't get their wiggles out by running around outdoors.


My kids always get very restless during the coldest months and need a way to use up some of their pent up energy. So, I started to look for Youtube channels that could help them get some of their wiggles out.

3 Ingredient Guacamole

3 Ingredient Guacamole

This 3 Ingredient Guacamole is so easy and delicious. It's also a great base to use if you want to add in more textures and flavors. It's kid friendly and a great way to introduce kids to avacado. I think the simple ingredient list really allows the flavor of the avacado to shine through. We keep avacados on hand just for this recipe.


Escape Room Party at Home for Teens

Escape Room Party

My daughter really wanted to go to an escape room. It's expensive to host a party for kids at an escape room. So, I decided to make my very own at home. I'll show you how I threw an escape room party for a half dozen 13 year old girls. I started getting ideas for it about a month ago, but I really put it all together in one day. It was so fun and a lot of work.


Making Pumpkin Puree in an Instant Pot

I love pumpkin. I also love having pumpkin puree on hand at all times. I have loved pumpkin flavored foods since I was first introduced to the magic of pumpkin cookies. Growing up I never really liked pumpkin pie and so I assumed that I just didn't like pumpkin. Then one day I had a chance to try a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie. I realized that I LOVE the flavor of pumpkin, I just wasn't every crazy about the texture of pumpkin pie.

 Once I knew that it wasn't the flavor as much as the texture that I had a problem with it opened a world of opportunities for me to enjoy.

Cat Ears Tutorial

Are you looking for the finishing touch to your cat (tiger, dog, mouse, bear, lion etc.) costume? Look no further. If you have 15 minutes and know a few basic sewing skills then this cat ears tutorial will show you how to make the cutest headband for any number of costumes.

With the technique I share in this step by step cat ears tutorial (with pictures) you will have the ability to make any number of headbands to fit your costume needs. We had a Halloween party to attend and my daughter wanted these cat ears to add the finishing touch to her costume.