Gift Ideas for Active Kids 10 and Under

I have to admit that I dread winter a little bit. I have 3 young children who get a bit stir crazy during the cold weather and so I have tried to find creative ways for them to stay active during the time when it's too cold to play outside for any great length of time.

Gift Ideas for Active Kids

The gifts I'm sharing today are all items that we have bought, love and used to keep our kids healthy and active year round. In no particular order, I'm sharing the toys that we have used MOST!

Gift Guide for Kids Who Love Games

We play games at least once a week at our house. It's a great way to bring the whole family together. I put together this gift guide for kids who loves games to help you find the perfect game for the kids in your family. My kids range from 2-13 and there is something on this list for everyone.

Some of the games have been given to us as presents and some of them we have bought ourselves. All of them have been well loved.  In no particular order of preference I am sharing some of our favorite games that we come back to over and over again. 

Teen Girl Gift Guide

As anyone who has a teenager or remembers being a teenager knows, they aren't always the easiest people to shop for. This year I am doing a gift guide series to spark some ideas and to help you find the best gifts for the people you love. Today I am starting with a teen girl gift guide.

Indoor Activities For Kids

Here are some tried and true indoor activities for your kids to do on days when the weather makes it hard to play outside. I'm heading into cold weather season and we have already tried some of these activities on the days when it is too cold to go out.  These are the tried and true favorites that we use year after year. I hope you find some inspiration for your little ones.

Indoor Activities For Kids

Build a Fort

Creamy Chicken Italian Pasta in an Instant Pot

This Creamy Chicken Italian Pasta is a delicious, fast, family friendly meal that my family loves. It's easy to add extra nutrition by serving with whole grain pasta and adding in some optional spinach at the end.

I love to make meals that are nourishing and don't take a lot of time. This Creamy Chicken Italian Pasta fits both of those criteria and on top of that my family absolutely loves it.

Save Money Shopping Clearance With These Tips

Save Money Shopping Clearance

Initially the idea of shopping clearance might seem like a no brainer, but as with most things regarding money and how we spend it, there is a lot more to it than you might think.Today I wanted to share with you some of my tips and strategies for how to save money shopping clearance items.

save money shopping clearance


Youtube Channels For Active Kids

How to Encourage Active Kids in the Winter

Winter is a wonderful season but it does pose some challenges for active kids and their parents.  Kids are made to move around and when it's really cold or snowy outside they can't get their wiggles out by running around outdoors.


My kids always get very restless during the coldest months and need a way to use up some of their pent up energy. So, I started to look for Youtube channels that could help them get some of their wiggles out.