3 Ingredient Guacamole

3 Ingredient Guacamole

This 3 Ingredient Guacamole is so easy and delicious. It's also a great base to use if you want to add in more textures and flavors. It's kid friendly and a great way to introduce kids to avacado. I think the simple ingredient list really allows the flavor of the avacado to shine through. We keep avacados on hand just for this recipe.


3 ingredient guacamole

First you will gather the ingredients. You need ripe avacados, salt and lime juice. Do you have a hard time picking out the perfect avacado? I always look for the deep green avacados. Unless you are using them right away, I would avoid buying the avacados that are really dark colored. I also like to make sure that they are firm, but have some give if you put pressure on it. 

Peel the avacados and put them in a bowl. I always open it with my fingernail and peel it by hand. Lots of people think I'm strange, but it's the easiest way I've found to open them. Then you just sprinkle on the salt and lime juice and mash it all together.

Mash it up as much as you like. I prefer my guacamole to be more smooth so I use my fork and mix it up until it has no big chunks. You could also use a blender or a hand mixer, but I think that's just more work. If your avacados are ripe it's just as easy to mash them by hand.

Now you can use the guacamole as a dip,  to spread on toast (my kids love this one!), to top your Mexican fare or just eat it by the spoonful. I won't judge.


3 Hass avacados

1/2 tsp kosher salt (Use more or less to taste. I usually like a lighter touch of salt because it can quickly overpower everything else)

1/2 tsp lime juice (From an actual lime or a bottle. You may also substitute lemon juice)

Mix it all together and taste test before adjusting the seasonings. It's really easy for the lime and salt to take center stage so I recommend that you start out light and then add more if you find that it's not enough. It's always easier to add more than to take away when you have too much.

And there you have it. 3 Ingredient Guacamole that really takes about 3 minutes to whip up. It's a great recipe that will take your next Fiesta up a notch. It's always one of the first things that gets gobbled up around these parts.

What do you serve your guacamole with? Post your picture on Instagram #peachtreedr

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