Thanksgiving Kid Crafts- 3 Easy Ideas

The week of Thanksgiving at our house is filled with lots of cooking and baking. Usually I am doing all of the cooking while my small kids watch. Don't get me wrong, they like to help, but their attention span just doesn't quite last the length of time it takes to prepare for a THANKSGIVING meal.

If you are like me and need some simple and festive crafts for the kids to do while you prepare your Thanksgiving meal then you have come to the right place. These crafts are also great for preschool or just for fun. You probably already have the supplies on hand and it really only takes a few minutes to prep. I hope your kids have as much fun with these crafts as we did!

Thanksgiving Turkey Hand

craft supplies-paper, scissors, glue


For the turkey hand you will need some scrap papers in different colors, a pencil, scissors and a glue stick. First you will need to trace and cut out the hand of your child. Then you can cut out a beak and legs with the orange paper. Use any other color you want to cut out feathers or just have them color the turkey and add their own feathers.

Thanksgiving turkey hand craft

This is what our finished projects looked like. It's such a great way for younger kids to practice fine motor skills and for the older kids to use their creativity. Challenge the older kids to make a different design for each feather. Even my youngest wanted to have his hand traced even though he wasn't interested in doing the rest of it.


Thanksgiving Stand Up Pilgrim 

pilgrim toilet roll supplies


For the pilgrim I found a toilet paper roll (always seem to have plenty of those lying around) and then used more scraps of paper to cut out a hat, buckle, shirt, collar and pants.

pilgrim with glue and clips


I used the glue stick to glue the pieces on and then I clipped the paper to the roll to give it a chance to dry. I couldn't find any of my paper clips so I used a rubber band and a hair clip to keep it all together. Once it was dry (I left it for about 45 minutes) my daughter drew on a face.

Pilgrim craft made out of toilet paper roll

Here's the finished product! My 4 year old didn't want to make her pilgrim on a toilet paper roll so we did hers on a paper instead! Such a fun and easy craft that is so cute and versatile.  I think it would work well as a place holder too.


Pilgrim Hat Cookies


pilgrim hat supplies

We used fudge striped cookies, miniature reese's cups, frosting and yellow m&ms for these cute and tasty hats.

Thanksgiving pilgrim cookie hat


Turn the cookie over so that only the chocolate shows. Then unwrap a reese's cup and add a little dab of frosting to the top. Flip it over and place it in the center of the cookie. We used the yellow m&ms to make the little buckle on the hat. So easy and lots of fun for the kids! 

If you make any of these crafts I'd love to see your pictures on Instagram #peachtreedr What do your kids do while you are preparing your Thanksgiving Meal? Do they help in the kitchen? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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