Owl Party Birthday for my 7 year old

My daughter decided to have an owl party this year for her birthday.  I went all over town to try and find some cute owl decorations to no avail.  Owl's are simply not a popular party theme this year.  So, I got creative and decided to make my own.


I always like to have a theme and a color scheme before I get too far into the planning process.  She picked to have green, purple pink and blue as her colors.  From there I chose party supplies in those colors and then did what I could to make them look like owls. 


I hope these pictures and ideas inspire your owl party to be the very BEST!  As always all my ideas are inexpensive and don't take a lot of time.  As a mother of 4 kids I don't have lots of time to spend making a picture perfect party and my kids never appreciate it when I DO put in tons of time.


These owl party ideas were the perfect combination of fun for the kids and just the right amount of work for me.  Now that sounds like a winning party to me.



Owl Party Decorations


For the decorations I had a bunch of pom poms (blue, green, purple and pink) that I turned into "owls".  My husband helped with this part and he decided to give them 3D beaks.  The kids thought they were so fun!


I also found this cute pink storage bucket at Hobby Lobby for $1.  We used it to hold some of the gift basket goodies and other items that we used at the party.


For the rest of the decorations I just used streamers and balloons in purple, pink, green and blue to add the finishing touch.  Of course some of our games also added to the owl theme.


Owl Party Games


Coloring Page

Our first activity was to color an owl picture.  I like to have an activity that kids can work on as everyone gathers.  It always seems to take about 15 minutes for all the kids to arrive.  It's nice to keep the kids busy working on something while they wait.


Feed the Owl


For this game I decorated a small bucket that we already had from the Dollar Tree to look like an owl.  Then I made a bunch of "worms" out of paper by cutting them into long thin strips and doing an accordion folding pattern.  I told the kids that the owl was hungry and needed to eat.  


I made a line and had each kid stand behind it.  They each had 3 chances to feed the owl, then they went to the back of the line for another turn.  Each time I gave them one less worm.  They thought that game was so funny.


Who's Who?

I cut out a bunch of owl eyes and then wrote the name of each person at the party on one pair of eyes.  Each child had a pair of eyes placed on their back.  They had to walk around and ask questions to figure out who's name was on their back.

The kids liked this game so much that we had to play it 4 different times.  So easy and so fun.


Pin the Eyes on the Owl

I used a piece of poster board and traced the outline of an owl on it.  Then I traced a pair of eyes for each child.  They were blindfolded and had a chance to put the eyes in place.

click here if you would like to print out this owl to use as a template.


Owl Party Cake 


I made a cake in an oval pan that I have so it wasn't very difficult to carve out a little bit to mimic the shape of an owl.  I like to make the cake at least a day in advance so that I can put it in the freezer before I carve it.  It is SO much easier to carve a cake that is frozen.  


After I had cut it out and frosted it I used airhead for the ears and beak, marshmallows and chocolate chips for the eyes, and diamond shaped sprinkles to add the wings and feather details.  


These cute owl candles were the ONLY owl item I found at the party store so of course we had to use them on the cake.  Aren't they so adorable? 


Owl Party Treat


Owl Marshmallow Pops



Who doesn't love a treat on a stick? I know my kids can't resist them.  For this fun treat you will need sticks, marshmallows, big edible eyes, white bark or dipping chocolate, airheads for the beaks and the dye of your choice.

I tried to have four colors for them to dip but the bark dried really fast, so in retrospect I would only do one color at a time and have the kids do another activity at the same time.  They all needed a lot of help so it was a bit chaotic, but we made it. 

We put the marshmallows on the sticks first, then dipped them into the color of choice.  Working quickly we put the eyes and the beak on.  if they wanted to, they could also make pointy ears, but most of them opted not to. 



Owl Party Gift Bags


Here is a picture of the kids making their owl party bags.  It is so fun to see how they take something and make it completely their own.  One party goer insisted on making his an owl puppet so that he could play with it AFTER the party too.  I thought that was a fabulous idea.


I searched high and low to find "owl" themed goodies, but there just weren't a lot to be found.  So, I decided to fall back on the color scheme and find stuff that went along with that too.  I also gave them gummy worms and owl stickers (not pictured).  The kids loved the party favors even though they didn't really have anything to do with owls. 

I'll try to remember that for future reference.  I kind of get a bit A type and want everything to match perfectly. 


owl party  

Here is one of the owl goodies bags.  I just cut out the ears, eyes, beaks, wings and feet and let the kids glue them all on the bag.  They all had the exact same items and yet we had quite a few variations on the theme.  I love seeing creativity in action.


And there you have it.  I pulled off an owl party without too much fuss and sticking to my budget.  After we did all the activities, opened presents and had the cake, I let them run around and play.  I like to keep a balance of structured activities and time for them to just play.


If you use any of our ideas for an owl party or maybe just a woodland party I would love to see it.  If you post a picture on Instagram make sure to tag me #peachtreedr or leave a comment below to let me know how it goes!


For more kid birthday party ideas check out my dinosaur party or the escape room I created for my teenager.  I love planning parties and making special memories that we can cherish for years to come.

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