Lava Lamp in a Bag

lava lamp in a bag

This lava lamp in a bag is the perfect activity for kids on a day when it is either too cold or hot to play outside. With only 3 ingredients that you can find very easily, this activity can be put together quickly and provides lots of entertainment and even some educational value.

If you want to add it to science unit you can talk about the different densities of water and oil and how like molecules are attracted to each other. Or you can just let them play with the bag and watch their delight as they form different patterns merely by pressing down on the bag.

lava lamp in a bag

Lava Lamp Materials Needed

1 c baby oil

1 c water

2 drops of dye

1 quart sized heavy duty zipper bag

masking tape or duct tape

Lava Lamp in a Bag Instructions

For this activity you will need baby oil, water and dye. I used red and yellow so the kids could see what happened when they mixed together.

Make sure that you use a heavy duty bag with a zipper at the top.

First you will measure out the baby oil and pour it into the bag.

Then you will measure and add the water.

Then you will add a few drops of dye (I used gel food coloring)

Close the bag and make sure that it is completely sealed. You do not want the liquid to leak out!

With the masking tape (or duct tape) tape the bag all the way around to make sure it is sealed tight. Then you can tape it to the table.

And now it's time to let the kids go to town. They will have so much fun watching the different bubbles form as they press their hands into the bag.

If you are lucky this will keep them entertained for over an hour like it did with my kids! If you have a rambunctious toddler who doesn't yet know how to play softly, consider putting the smaller bag into an even bigger bag for an added layer of protection. 

If you do this activity, take a picture and post it on Instagram #peachtreedr

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