Parenting Tips to Build Strong Relationships With Kids

Parenting Tips I've Learned Over the Years


I had only one child for 7 years.  During that time it was very easy to spend quality one on one time with my daughter.  Shortly after she turned 7 however I had another child.  Then following our second daughter we had another daughter and a son each spaced about two years apart.


5 Steps to Financial Freedom

5 steps to financial freedom


These 5 steps to financial freedom are actionable steps that you can take today  to begin your journey towards financial freedom no matter where you currently are on the path.  It is purposefully written in a concise form so that you won't feel overwhelmed with information.  This guide will hopefully give you direction and allow you to start today making your goals happen!


Pantry Organization- Real Life Tips That Work

I have organized my pantry a number of times over the years.  Over and over and over again.  You could definitely say that pantry organization has been on my mind a lot.  I often wondered why I was unable to keep my carefully organized space neat and orderly.  


In all honesty, organizing has NEVER been my strong suit.  I have struggled with it from the moment I became a mother.  I have definitely learned a lot of the tips I am sharing through personal failures.  I can tell you so many ways that didn't work!


Essential Oil Cleaning Hacks

How Do Essential Oil Cleaning Hacks Help You?


I have been using essential oils in my cleaning routine for a little over a year.  In that time I have figured out a few essential oil cleaning hacks that make my life a lot easier.  Not only are they beneficial for our health, they smell amazing and I feel confident that I am using ingredients that won't cause harm to my family.



Browned Butter Salted Caramel Bars

Ooh.  Did you know that May 15th is National Chocolate Chip Day?  These browned butter salted caramel bars are the perfect way to celebrate.  They have enough depth of flavors to satisfy any food connoisseur and are friendly enough that kids will gobble them up to.


If you have never tried browned butter salted caramel bars before, this is the recipe to try.  It's easy and pretty much fail proof.  How can you go wrong with ingredients like that?  I'd say it's almost impossible.  


Nonalcoholic Margarita

Today on Instagram I participated in a "Spring Soiree" tour where we shared easy entertaining ideas that would inspire us to get outside and entertain!  With Cinco de Mayo coming right up, I thought this nonalcoholic margarita was the perfect drink to make.


Why a Nonalcoholic Margarita is the Perfect Party Drink


In my busy life entertaining needs to be simple and quick to prepare.  I want to enjoy visiting with people rather than spending all of my time in the kitchen.


Easter Printables

This time of year is very significant for me.  I have always loved spring because it has been such a wonderful physical reminder of much deeper spiritual truth.  I wanted to make Easter Printables that reflected that.


Every year I look forward to seeing the first green plants pop out of the ground.  I anticipate the time when the trees will start to bloom and I turn my face upward as the sky warms everything up after the long, long winter.


Kid Friendly Easter Food Ideas

I love holidays and Easter definitely holds a special place in my heart.  Holidays are always busy and I think I'm not alone in wanting ideas and tips for easy ways to make kid friendly Easter food.


I love all the fun traditions that give us happy memories and allow us to share time together in fun and meaningful ways.


For me, food is a great way to do that.  


Easter Home Tour

This year I am happy to share my first ever Easter home tour!  My goal was to keep my decorations simple.  I also decided to challenge my creative juices by reusing decorations that I already have and finding new ways to bring them to life.


I've talked about it before, but I'll say it again.  I think its really smart to find a few key pieces that you love and can use in different spaces throughout your home and from season to season.  I think it's fun to find new ways to use these same things.  

Easter Decor DIY

This year I wanted to refresh some of my Easter decorations.  If you have read any of my other holiday decorating posts, you know how much I love to change my decorations from year to year.  So, I created a simple Easter decor DIY project.


The  catch is that I don't want to spend a lot of time or money on new decorations, so I am always trying to find creative ways to use what I have and to supplement with inexpensive items for a big impact with minimal effort.