Chalk Art DIY Tutorial

Today I am sharing a quick tutorial on how I do chalk art. I'm not an expert by any means, but I do love making chalk art. I have picked up a few tips over the years as I have worked with chalk and chalkboards. 

Chalk Art 101

Start with a clean chalk board

I usually wipe mine of with wet wipes or a wet paper towel. Then I let it completely dry before I start writing and drawing on it.  Sometimes you have to scrub really hard if you use really dark colors so that no residue is left.

Figure out a design

It's always a good idea to have an idea of what you want to write and draw and I find it helpful to sketch it out on a paper to make sure that it all fits the way I imagine it will in my head. I like to use inspirational words that have significance to me and then I usually draw a few images that match and fill in with with simple and small patterns to transition between words and larger iconic drawings.

Chalk the basic outline, then fill in details after

It's really important to outline the basic form of the letters before you start filling in. That way you get your spacing right and make sure that all the letters will fit. Once you have the basic outline in place you can go back over it and add in the extra detail that makes it so fun. 

Work from one end to the other

This is a tip I learned the hard way. In the beginning I would start in the middle and work my way out. I quickly realized that it's very easy to smear and smudge all the hard work I have done. Now I pick one corner and work my way out from it. It reminds me of the method I use when I'm mopping. Once an area is finished, don't go over it again!

Finish the look with hair spray

When you are all done, give it a nice hair spray finish to keep the chalk art looking as fresh on day 20 as it does on day 1. It will still scrub off if you apply pressure, but the chalk won't smudge if you are setting it outside or if someone accidentally brushes by it.

Chalk Art Hack

Now that I have shared the basics that you need to start making chalk art I am going to share a few other tools and ideas that I have picked up over the last few years.

Chalk Around the board

I painted my chalk board border red. It's a great color for MOST holidays. There are some times when the red just doesn't work for me. When that is the case, I will chalk around the board to change the color. I show how I did this in the fall because I wanted more of an emphasis on the orange than red.

Use regular old chalk 

There are a lot of fancy pens and specialty chalks available. I have tried several different varieties, but I always come back to good old fashioned chalk. I like the way that it looks and feels. I also love how easy it is to clean off when I'm done with it. If you want a pointed edge, then you can use a pencil sharpener or pocket knife to make the end more pointy. I started using rectangular chalk and angle it so that I only write with the pointed corner.

Look for inspiration all around

I love having meaningful decorations in my house so I try to write phrases that have stuck with me over the years and have a significance in my life. I also love to look online for ideas of how other people have made chalk art decorative pieces. It always inspires me and helps me to figure out the look I want.

Don't worry about making mistakes

For me, part of the charm of chalk art is the imperfections! If I wanted it to be perfect, I would NEVER do chalk art. Over time you will get better at it and hopefully along the way you will enjoy the process like I have.

My Chalk Art Gallery

chalk art example

chalk art fall


Do you like to create chalk art? I would love to see something you have made on Instagram #peachtreedr Also if you are interested to see how I use this chalkboard art in my holiday decor you can look at my posts:

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