Valentine's Decor-Inexpensive and Easy Ideas

You made it through the endless round of holidays that begin in October and continue through January.   Now you have a little breather. But wait, Valentine's Day is just around the corner and before you know it, that will be over too. Today I am going to share some inexpensive and easy Valentine's decor ideas that will help you to celebrate without feeling like you have to spend a lot of time or money on it.

I love holidays and decorating for them. For Valentine's decor I like to keep it simple and fun.  My oldest has a birthday right around Valentine's Day and then I have two more birthdays that follow shortly after. So how do I do it all and keep my sanity? I'm going to share some decor ideas and tips.  I hope some of my projects and ideas inspire you to create an inexpensive and festive decoration for your house. It doesn't have to take a lot of time or cost a lot of money to add some festive fun to your house.


Inexpensive Valentine's Decor Ideas


Chalkboard Art

I have used chalkboards for MANY years. I got this board my dad years ago. It's a little beat up, but that's part of the charm for me. I have painted the border, chalked over it and had LOTS of fun customizing it for different holidays. If you are new to chalkboard art, check out my post about some of the basics that will help you get started.

I love to greet people with thoughtful messages and lighthearted doodles. Who knew that  all those years doodling on my book covers would prepare me so well to doodle on a larger scale for my chalkboards? I love chalk art because it took me 30 minutes or less to create this Valentine's décor and it takes less than a minute to clean up when I'm done with it.



Valentine's decor


I got this heart shaped grapevine wreath a couple of years ago. I wrapped it in a foil garland and added a few foil "I Love You's: for an inexpensive and quick wreath. I like to have the option of changing my wreaths around from year to year so I add things that are easy and quick to take off.


Foil Saying on Monogram

I got this large pack of "I Love You' sayings at a Dollar Tree a long time ago. I usually try to find some small decoration to put on the "E" because it's easy and I almost always have something on hand that can work.  If not, I always seem to find something at the Dollar Tree! You can see what I did for Christmas and Halloween with my letter E this year.


Wooden Sign


I decorated this wooden sign that I bought for $2.48 and then used supplies that I had at home to finish it off. If you want to see how I made it with a step by step picture tutorial, click here.


Gold Heart Garland


For this Valentine's decor, I started with a plain gold heart garland. It was cute, but I felt like it needed a little something extra.


So I got some stickers at the dollar store and centered them on the hearts.


Then I hung it up on my mantle. My daughter added an extra element by placing the leftover stickers under my banner. She was so pleased with herself and I think it's pretty cute too! So, we left it up.


This is what it looks like on the mantle. I have to get creative about decorating my mantle because I have to work around the tv, remotes, a game console and all the miscellaneous cords.   Can anyone relate to that? I use the tin bucket on the right to hide remotes. I set the pillow on the left to hide the gaming gear. Then I tied the garland to items behind to anchor it down. Because the hearts are made of wood, regular tape wasn't strong enough to hold it up.


Here is a close up of the Valentine's  decor on the right. I thought that heart and LOVE sign were so cute! The gold on the arrow ties in with the gold heart garland. The sign also serves the purpose of hiding the bit antennae from view (at least it isn't the first thing I see). 


Tips For Inexpensive Valentine's Decor


1. Check your local dollar store (or the Dollar Spot at Target) and shop EARLY so that you find a good selection. I typically start looking for seasonal items about 2 months before the holiday. I also try to shop early in the day or  when they are expecting a shipment so that everything is in stock. Cashiers usually know which day shipments arrive.

2. Shop around your house! See what you already have that you can repurpose or use in a different place.

3.Make something yourself! Get inspired by something and then figure out how to create something similar on your own. Not only do you save money, you have the satisfaction of creating (there's nothing quite like that feeling)!

4. If you don't have the time or inclination to make something from scratch, take something and personalize it like I did with the heart garland. That garland is one of a kind and it came together for less than $5.

5. Find neutral pieces (like my "E") that you can add a little bit of holiday bling to. I love getting creative about what I will add to my "E" for each of the holidays. It's such a fun and simple way to add something for the holidays.


What are your thoughts about putting up Valentine's decor? I would love to hear what you do. Also, if you make your own decorations using some of my tips, post a picture on Instagram #peachtreedr so that I can be inspired  by YOU.

If you like making your own decorations, check out this tutorial where I show you how to make a cute Valentine's wreath for less than $5! 



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